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Table 1 Cell cycle-related targets of ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis

From: How Cells Use Proteolysis to Control Their Growth

Target Function Species E2/E3
Cell cycle kinases and their regulators   
Cyclin D1 G1 cyclin Hs SCF
Cyclin E G1 cyclin Hs SCF
Clnl G1 cyclin Sc SCF
Cln2 G1 cyclin Sc SCF
Cln3 G1 cyclin Sc SCF
Clb5 S-phase cyclin Sc APC
NIME Mitotic cyclin An APC
Clb2 Mitotic cyclin Sc APC
Clb3 Mitotic cyclin Sc APC
Cdc13 Mitotic cyclin Sp APC
Cyclin A Mitotic cyclin Ss APC
Cyclin B1 Mitotic cyclin Xl APC
Cyclin B3 Mitotic cyclin Xl APC
p21 CDK inhibitor Hs SCF
p27 CDK inhibitor Hs Ubc2/Ubc3
Farl CDK inhibitor Sc SCF
Sicl CDK inhibitor Sc SCF
Swel CDK inhibitor Sc SCF
Ruml CDK inhibitor Sp SCF
NIMA Mitotic kinase An APC
Plkl Mitotic kinase Hs APC
Cdc5 Mitotic kinase/APC regulator Sc APC
Weel Mitotic inhibitory kinase Xl SCF
Cdc25 Mitotic phosphatase Sp Public
Regulators of DNA replication    
Cdc6 Replication initiation Sc SCF
Cdc18 Replication initiation Sp SCF
Geminin Replication inhibitor Xl APC
Factors required for mechanics of cell duplication and division   
Pdsl Sister chromatid separation Sc APC
Cut2 Sister chromatid separation Sp APC
P58ctf13 Kinetochore assembly Sc SCF
Asel Mitotic spindle component Sp APC
Gicl Cytoskeletal rearrangement Sc SCF
Gic2 Cytoskeletal rearrangement Sc SCF
Regulators of transcription    
DPI Transcription factor/E2F partner   ?
E2F-1 Transcription factor Hs SCF
Fos Transcription factor Hs ?
Jun Transcription factor Hs ?
Myc Transcription factor Hs ?
p53 Transcription factor Hs ?
Mdm2 p53 antagonist Hs ?
Components of proteolytic machinery and their regulators   
Cdc20 APC regulator Sc APC
Cdc4 SCF component Sc SCF
Grrl SCF component Sc SCF
  1. CDK, cyclin-dependent kinase; Hs, Homo sapiens; Sc, Saccharomyces cerevisiae; An, Aspergillus nidulans; Sp, Schizosaccharomyces pombe; Ss, Spisula solidissima Xl, Xenopus laevis; SCF, Skp-Cullin-F-box complex; APC, anaphase-promoting complex.