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Table 1 Chemosensitization of MDA-MB-435/435 FF cells by AS HER-2

From: Tumor-targeting, Systemically Delivered Antisense HER-2 Chemosensitizes Human Breast Cancer Xenografts Irrespective of HER-2 Levels

AS HER-2 ODN Concentration Lipofectin F-Lip-2
0.1 µ M 0.3 µ M 0.1 µ M 0.3 µ M
Fold sensitization to paclitaxel 2.4 4.9 6.7 9
Fold sensitization to docetaxel 2.2 17 7.2 >30
  1. *Fold sensitization = ratio of IC50 for SC HER-2 ODN to IC50 for AS HER-2 ODN.