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Table 2 Histologic changes in vital organs after the treatment with IL13-PE38QQR*

From: Improved Anti-tumor Activity and Safety of Interleukin-13 Receptor Targeted Cytotoxin by Systemic Continuous Administration in Head and Neck Cancer Xenograft Model

  Intravenous Administration Continuous Infusion
  150 µ g/kg 200 µ g/kg 200 µ g/kg 300 µ g/kg
Liver Mild multi-focal necrosis, hydrophilic degeneration of pericentral vein cells Atrophic change, Severe multi-focal necrosis, collapse of structure NC Mild cell degeneration
Lung NC+ Alveolar wall thickness NC NC
Kidney Cell hypertrophy, mild focal necrosis, basement thickness Multi-focal necrosis NC Cell hypertrophy
Spleen Fibrosis Pulp degeneration NC NC
  1. * Data represent common findings from two animals in each group.
  2. † NC, no remarkable change.