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Fig. 3

From: Response of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Intermediates

Fig. 3

Late growth-phase response of M. tuberculosis to menadione

Autoradiographs from 2-D gels show profiles of metabolically labeled polypeptides of aliquots from a 6-day M. tuberculosis H37Rv culture in 7H9+ADc medium (A) and with 300 µM menadione (B). Several prominent polypeptides are highlighted and numbers indicate their apparent molecular weights. Polypeptides 14 and 11 kD in Panel A are identical with Nox14 and Nox11 of Fig. 4 and are repressed by menadione (B). The circled spot S overlaps with one of the major spots that occasionally show up by total protein stain (data not shown) and is possibly Hsp GroES, as judged by position and earlier published data (26). Other markings as in Fig. 2.

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