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Fig. 2

From: Role of Macrophage Oxidative Burst in the Action of Anthrax Lethal Toxin

Fig. 2

Exogenous antioxidants protect M ϕ s from lethal toxin

RAW 264.7 Mϕ cultures were prepared as described and challenged with lethal toxin (PA = 0.1 µg/ml, LF = 0.1 µg/ml) in the presence of the indicated concentrations of antioxidants: reducing agents (a), organic solvents (b), or dietary vitamins (c). Protection from the cytolytic effects of the LeTx was scored using the 51Cr release assay described in Materials and Methods. Specific release of approximately 65% of the available 51Cr from cells represents 100% cytotoxicity due to LeTx. Antioxidants alone, at the given concentrations, were not cytotoxic to Mϕ cultures. Experiments were run in duplicate with two experimental series each. SEM values for each data point was <9% of the indicated value.

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