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Fig. 2

From: High Prion and PrPSc Levels but Delayed Onset of Disease in Scrapie-Inoculated Mice Heterozygous for a Disrupted PrP Gene

Fig. 2

Time course of protease digestion of PrP in brain extracts of uninfected and prion-inoculated wild-type mice

Brain extracts were prepared, digested with proteinase K for the times indicated, and PrP-specific protein was determined by Western analysis, all as described in the Experimental Procedures. (A) Normal brain. Each lane was loaded with 120 µg of total protein. (B) Scrapie-infected brain (20 weeks p.i. with mouse-adapted prions). Each lane was loaded with 120 µg of total protein. (C) Chemoluminescence of the bands on the Western blots (A) and (B) was quantified by scanning an appropriate film exposure. Values are expressed relative to the undigested control. Co, Prn-p0/0 control.

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