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Fig. 3

From: High Prion and PrPSc Levels but Delayed Onset of Disease in Scrapie-Inoculated Mice Heterozygous for a Disrupted PrP Gene

Fig. 3

Total and protease-resistant PrP in brain homogenates of Prn-p+/+ and Prn-p0/+ mice at various times after inoculation with mouse prions

Mice were inoculated with mouse-adapted prions and sacrificed after the times indicated. Brain extracts were prepared, digested with proteinase K (total protein 8 mg/ml; proteinase K, 20 µg/ml, 30 min at 37°C), and PrP-specific protein was determined by Western analysis, all as described in Experimental Procedures (A). Total PrP, 80 µg protein per lane (B). Protease-resistant PrP, 200 µg protein per lane. Quantification of total PrP and protease-resistant PrP in (C) Prn-p0/+ and (D) Prn-p+/+ mice, expressed in arbitrary units (“pixels” per lane for all bands). Co, Prn-p0/0 control; w.p.i, weeks post inoculation.

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