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Table 1 Peptides from urease β-subunit and L23 protein and binding affinity to HLA-B27

From: The Evolutionarily Conserved Ribosomal Protein L23 and the Cationic Urease β-Subunit of Yersinia enterocolitica O:3 Belong to the Immunodominant Antigens in Yersinia-Triggered Reactive Arthritis: Implications for Autoimmunity

Position Within Protein Sequencea Binding Affinityb
U β-[2129] N R G T K S S A G
U β-[60–68] V R N T G D R P I +
U β-[65–73] D R P I Q V G S H
U β-[80–88] N R A L E F D R A
U β-[86–94] D R A A A Y G K R
U β-[93–101] K R L N I S S T T +
U β-[103–lll] I R F E P G D E T +
U β-[144–152] E R P D K L E A I
U β-[152–160] I R R A A E R G F
U β-[153–161] R R A A E R G F K + +
- - - - - - - - -
L23-[2–10] I R E E R L L K V
L23-[5–13] E R L L K V L R A
L23-[ll–19] L R A P H V S E K +
L23-[67–75] K R H G Q R V G R +
L23-[71–79] Q R V G R R S D W
L23-[74–82] G R R S D W K K A
L23-[75–83] R R S D W K K A Y +
  1. aSingle letter code is used; R at P2 as dominant anchor is given in bold and underlined.
  2. bRelative binding affinities were determined as examplified in Fig. 4: (−) nonbinders; optical band density/mm2 greater than ×2 the band density of untreated control. (+), low to intermediate binders; band density greater than ×2, greater than ×4 the untreated control. (+ +) strong binder; band density greater than ×4 the untreated control.