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Table 2 Sequence similarities between U β-[153-161] and other proteins

From: The Evolutionarily Conserved Ribosomal Protein L23 and the Cationic Urease β-Subunit of Yersinia enterocolitica O:3 Belong to the Immunodominant Antigens in Yersinia-Triggered Reactive Arthritis: Implications for Autoimmunity

Sequence Source
R R A A E R G F K Yersinia enterocolitica urease β-subunit [153–161]
R R V R T R G F S Chlamydia trachomatis 50 S ribosomal protein L15
H R A K E R G F H Helicobacter pylori urease α-subunit
R R A L E R G V N Streptomyces albus 60 kD Chaperonin 1 (GROEL homolog)
R R G L E R G L N Mycobacterium leprae 60 kD Chaperonin
N R A T E R I F K Human laminin A chain precursor
R R A L E R G L Q Human complement C4 precursor
R R Q A E R L K P Human leukocyte antigen related protein precursor
I R A L E R G Y R Human HCK protein tyrosine kinase
S R A R E R G A S Human protein lysine 6-oxidase precursor
R R T G E R K R K Human 40 S ribosomal protein S6
R R Q A E R M S Q Human CD4 molecule precursor
R R A Q E R R E L Human retinal guanylyl cyclase precursor
R R H L E R G R V Human epithelial-cadherin precursor
E R F G E R G F F Human aldehyde dehydrogenase
G R K G E R G F V chicken collagen alpha 3 (VI) chain
  1. Results of a protein database search. Similar sequences from human proteins, bacterial and fungal proteins are shown. Each peptide bears the HLA-B27 binding motif at least at position two (arginine). Identical amino acids are shaded, conserved substitutions are underlined. A standard search in SWISS PROTEIN database was performed using the TFASTA program (24).