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Table 1 Cell surface phenotype of human peripheral blood fibrocytes (subpopulation reactivity compiled from (12))

From: Circulating Fibrocytes Define a New Leukocyte Subpopulation That Mediates Tissue Repair

Antigen   Cell Subpopulations
Positive Expression   
Vimentin Intermediate filament Fibrobasts
Fibronectin Pericellular Matrix Mesenchymal cells, lymphoid cells
Collagen I Extracellular matrix Fibroblasts
Collagen III Extracellular matrix Fibroblasts
CD11b Adhesion molecule Monocytes, granulocytes, NK cells
CD13 Aminopeptidase N Myeloid and dendritic cells
CD18 Integrin β2 Lymphoid and myeloid cells
CD34 Precursor antigen Hematopoietic progenitors, embryonic fibroblasts
CD45 Leukocytes Common Antigen Leukocytes
CD71 Transferrin receptor Macrophages, activated cells
Negative Expression   
Esterase Lysosomal enzyme Monocytes and granulocytes
TCR (αβ, γδ) Antigen receptor T-Cells
Cytokeratin Matrix protein Epithelial cells
von Willebrand Coagulation factor Endothelial cells and platelets
Desmin Intermediate filament Muscle cells
α-Actin Cytoskeletal protein Smooth muscle cells
Laminin Matrix protein Blood vessels, muscle cells, nerve, etc.
CD3 TCR-associated antigen T-Cells
CD4 Class II recognition Helper/inducer T-cells
CD8 Class I recognition Cytotoxic/suppressor T-cells
CD10 Endopeptidase (CALLA) B-cell subpopulations
CD11a LFA-1 antigen Lymphoid and myeloid cells
CD14 LBP receptor Monocytes/macrophages
CD16 FcγRIII (Ig receptor) Monocytes, granulocytes, NK cells
CD19 B-cell antigen B-cells
CD25 IL-2 receptor Activated macrophages/T-/B-cells
CD33 Pan-myeloid antigen Myeloid and monocytic cells
CD38 T10 antigen Precursor cells, activated T-/B-cells
CD44 Lymphocytes homing receptor Leukocytes and erythrocytes
CD54 ICAM-1 Monocytes and lymphocytes
CD56 NCAM NK and T-cell subpopulations