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Fig. 4

From: The Molecular Basis of Increased Glomerulosclerosis after Blockade of the Renin Angiotensin System in Growth Hormone Transgenic Mice

Fig. 4

Type I Collagen mRNA and Peptides, GH Glomeruli

(Top) RT-PCR on isolated glomeruli for α1I collagen mRNA: cDNA was amplified from five GH-Ctrl (A), three GH-ACEi (B), and three AngII RA (C)-treated mice. Under the PCR conditions selected (40 PCR cycles on 1/10th of glomerular cDNA as template) α1I collagen mRNA was barely detectable in GH-Ctrl mice. Under these conditions, α1I collagen mRNA levels were elevated by both treatments. (Bottom) Immunostaining for type I collagen on kidney sections of GH mice treated with water (A), Captopril (B), and L158,809 (AngII RA) (C). Type I collagen deposition was increased in the glomeruli of the treated GH mice and in the adjacent juxtaglomerular arterial lesions.

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