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Table 1 Advantages and disadvantages of polyspecific antibodies over monospecific antibodies

From: Bi-specific and tri-specific antibodies- the next big thing in solid tumor therapeutics

Advantages Disadvantages
Amenable for large scale production Hetero-dimerization of chains may make the molecule inefficient; early methods had low production yields
More efficient binding to target Steric inhibition of engaging sites
Able to engage T cell or NK cells (MHC agnostic) by a cell combining site Potential antigenic cytokine release syndrome
Stability Small molecules can be rapidly cleared; larger ones may aggregate; potential immunogenicity
Not patient specific; target specific Tight white cell binding may change bio-distribution
Can be a carrier of radioisotope or chemotherapy Potential poor internalization of molecule if combined with cytotoxic agent
Can be used for imaging Need for external epitope
Can serve as an immune enhancer Affinity for target epitope and effector cell critical
Can be encapsulated in a liposome Large molecules have less intra-tumoral penetration.
Can be combined with other immunological agents May enhance toxicity if combined with classical immunological agents
Bystander effect