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Table 5 Comparing bi-specific and tri-specific antibody therapy to CAR T- cell therapy

From: Bi-specific and tri-specific antibodies- the next big thing in solid tumor therapeutics

Polyspecific antibodies CAR T- cells
Polyspecific are antibodies with multiple specificities with one or more affinity sites towards tumor antigens, and another one towards an activator on immune effectors (e.g. CD3 on T cells). T cells with genetically engineered receptors that redirect them to a chosen tumor antigen
Highly efficient, rapid process- Created using multiple formats including advanced protein engineering and recombinant DNA technologies and administered to patients directly. Allows rapid treatment of patients Cumbersome, boutique process- T cells from patients are collected, antigen specific receptors (CARs) are inserted invitro into T cells using viral vectors, DNA transposons, or RNA transfection and then “expanded” in the laboratory before reinfusing into lyphodepleted patient. May delay therapy for weeks.
When activated through CD3, cytotoxic T cells inject perforin and granzyme B into target cells to kill. When CARs bind to tumor antigen, the intracellular signaling domain is activated and the tumoricidal process by T cells is initiated.