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Table 1 Genes increased by EPO and inhibited by LIF at 20 h

From: Leukemia inhibitory factor inhibits erythropoietin-induced myelin gene expression in oligodendrocytes

ProbeName Gene EPO + LIF vs EPO EPO vs differentiation
Log2FC BH adj.P Log2FC BH adj.P
A44P792784 Htr2c −1.98 6.0E-04 5.14 5.1E-05
A64P128810 RGD1565355 −1.79 7.2E-04 5.11 9.3E-05
A64P113795 LOC100365047 −1.58 1.2E-02 2.06 3.9E-03
A64P057188 Shroom2 a −1.52 5.5E-03 1.73 1.6E-02
A64P054808 CD36 a −1.47 1.1E-03 6.98 1.5E-04
A44P305482 Ppargc1a −1.43 3.9E-03 1.48 1.6E-02
A44P335776 Chodl −1.42 6.3E-03 1.89 5.9E-03
A44P158758 Calcr −1.40 1.3E-02 1.78 1.9E-02
A64P15946 Pmp2 a −1.16 1.4E-03 5.24 1.5E-05
A64P025432 LOC498829 −1.04 6.0E-03 1.06 1.1E-02
A44P194803 Baalc −1.03 3.1E-03 1.93 7.0E-04
A64P137130 Ptpre −0.94 1.4E-02 4.01 3.5E-04
A44P254984 Pnlip −0.89 4.8E-03 0.92 5.2E-03
A42P839964 Plin2 −0.79 8.7E-03 1.33 2.8E-03
A42P826938 LRRTM1 −0.63 3.9E-03 1.11 6.4E-04
A42P646991 Mag −0.59 1.7E-02 1.34 7.9E-03
  1. All the genes increased by EPO and inhibited by LIF at 20 h are listed. In bold the genes also increased by differentiation. The full list of the genes increased by EPO and differentiation at 20 h was previously reported (Gyetvai et al., 2017). aGenes represented by 2 probes consistently changed by EPO in the same direction, of which only the most significantly changed one is shown