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Table 2 Enriched KEGG pathways and GO:BP categories among the genes increased by EPO and inhibited by LIF at 20 h

From: Leukemia inhibitory factor inhibits erythropoietin-induced myelin gene expression in oligodendrocytes

Category Term Fold enrichment Gene symbols P value
KEGG Fat digestion and absorption 87.7 Pnlip, CD36, RGD1565355 3.4E-04
KEGG Adipocytokine signaling pathway 44.5 CD36, Ppargc1a, RGD1565355 1.3E-03
GO:BP Intestinal cholesterol absorption 730.6 PnlipP, CD36 2.5E-03
KEGG Insulin resistance 30.3 CD36, Ppargc1a, RGD1565355 2.9E-03
GO:BP Response to drug 11.1 CD36, Plin2, Htr2c, PPARGC1A 3.7E-03
KEGG AMPK signaling pathway 26.3 CD36, PPARGC1A, RGD1565355 3.8E-03
GO:BP Cell surface receptor signaling pathway 22.8 Calcr, CD36, RGD1565355 6.1E-03
GO:BP Long-chain fatty acid transport 243.5 CD36, Plin2 7.5E-03
GO:BP Fatty acid oxidation 182.7 CD36, Ppargc1a 1.0E-02
GO:BP Lipid storage 108.2 CD36, Plin2 1.7E-02
GO:BP Response to lipid 97.4 Pnlip, CD36 1.9E-02
GO:BP Receptor internalization 69.6 Calcr, CD36 2.6E-02
KEGG Malaria 37.7 CD36, RGD1565355 4.5E-02
  1. DAVID Functional Annotation Chart analysis showing the overrepresented GO:BP categories and KEGG pathways among the genes increased by EPO and decreased by LIF at 20 h. The fold enrichment and the significance of enrichment (P value) are reported