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Fig. 1

From: Attenuation of diet-induced hypothalamic inflammation following bariatric surgery in female mice

Fig. 1

Models of murine bariatric surgery and experimental design. a For Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYBG) procedure, the stomach was ligated between the gastric fundus (forestomach) and glandular portion while the jejunum was transected 4 cm from the Ligament of Treitz. The distal jejunum was subsequently anastomosed to the forestomach (top arrow) with GI continuity being maintained via a jejuno-jejunostomy 6 cm distal from the initial transection (lower arrow). Image modified from (Albaugh et al. 2016). b For the biliary diversion procedure (BD-IL), the common bile duct was ligated proximal to the pancreatic duct and the gallbladder anastomosed to the ileum 4 cm proximal to the ileo-cecal valve. Image modified from (Albaugh et al. 2016). c Experimental design. Age of mice shown in weeks with time of dietary changes and surgical procedures (Sx) shown at 6 and 18 weeks. All mice were sacrificed at 26 weeks of age

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