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Table 3 Histology score adapted from Read et al. (2001)

From: Loss of intestinal sympathetic innervation elicits an innate immune driven colitis

Score 0 1 2 3 4
Mono- and polymorphonuclear infiltrate Normal Increase in mucosa Increase in mucosa and submucosa Extending into mucosa, submucosa, tunica muscularis and/or serosa  
Goblet cells Normal, large amount Depletion of < 10% Depletion of 10–50% Depletion of > 50%  
Crypt loss No crypt loss < 10% crypt loss 10–50% crypt loss > 50% crypt loss  
Epithelial hyperplasia Normal Slight hyperplasia 2-3x increase of crypt length >3x increase of crypt length  
Ulcerations No ulceration     Ulcerations
Crypt abscesses No abscesses     Crypt abscesses