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Fig. 5

From: Adverse transverse-tubule remodeling in a rat model of heart failure is attenuated with low-dose triiodothyronine treatment

Fig. 5

RNA expression of T-tubule and SR genes

RT-qPCR analysis of LV tissue for mRNA content of (a) bridging integrator-1, BIN1; junctophilin 2, Jph2; L-type calcium channel, LTCC; ryanodine 2, RyR2 and (b) SR calcium ATPase, SERCa2; phospholamban, PLN; alpha- and beta-myosin heavy chain, αMHC and βMHC. The binary log of ΔΔCt calculations of PCR cycle amplifications was used to determine the fold-change relative to the mean values of the Sham group. Bar graph shows mean ± SD for n = 4–6 hearts/group. Statistical analysis used one-way ANOVA with post-hoc Tukey’s multi-group comparisons: *p < 0.05 vs sham; **p < 0.001 vs sham; #p < 0.01 vs MI + Veh.

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