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Table 1 Effects of Aim2 expression/knockout on VSMC differentiation and aortic remodeling

From: Deficiency in Aim2 affects viability and calcification of vascular smooth muscle cells from murine aortas and angiotensin-II induced aortic aneurysms

VSMC Genotype Aim2 −/− WT
Rankl/Tnfsf11 expression low high
Bmp4 expression high low
Calcification in mineralization medium (OM) high low
Osteochondrogenic differentiation Osteoblast-like Osteoclast-like
Role in AAA Anabolic calcification; reduced incidence of aortic dilation Catabolic degradation; high incidence of aortic dilation
Nlrp3 expression low high
Il1b expression low high
NF-κB (p65) activity low high
Il-6 release low high
Inflammatory response low high