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Table 1 Patient data from five patients with COVID-19 who received dornase alfa with albuterol March–April, 2020

From: Nebulized in-line endotracheal dornase alfa and albuterol administered to mechanically ventilated COVID-19 patients: a case series

Patient 1 2 3 4 5
Clinical Characteristics
 Date of admission 29 March 4 April 16 March 16 March 26 March
 Age 56 34 65 31 34
 Gender F M M M F
 Ethnicity Hispanic White Asian Hispanic Black
 BMI 38 41 32 30 38
 Date of ICU admission 31 March 4 April 16 March 18 March 26 March
 Hypertension Yes Yes Yes Yes  
 Diabetes mellitus, type 2 Yes     
 Asthma Yes   Yes   Yes
 Hyperlipidemia   Yes    
 Migraine      Yes
 Chronic gastritis      Yes
 Date of ECMO initiation 4 April 27 March 28 March
 Date of ECMO cessation 16 April 10 April 20 April
Dornase alfa (DA) + albuterol (A) parameters
Administration (DA: 2.5 mg, A: 2.5 mg, both twice daily using the Aerogen® Solo nebulizer)
Date of DA + A initiation 9 April 4 April 31 March 1 April 31 March
Date of DA + A cessation 14 April 6 April 8 April 19 April 24 April
Toxicities None None None None None
Other COVID-19 treatment
 Methylprednisolone Yes Yes   Yes Yes
 Anakinra   Yes   Yes  
 CytoSorb      Yes
Anticoagulants a
 Enoxaparin 40 mg BID 120 mg BID 40 mg BID 100 mg BID 120 mg BID
 Argatroban   Yes   Yes Yes
 Heparin gtt    Yes   Yes
Venous thromboembolism None None None Right SDVT
Right CVT
Current State ICU discharge ICU discharge ICU discharge ICU discharge ICU discharge
  1. aPatients were not on simultaneous anticoagulation therapies. BMI Body mass index, ICU Intensive care unit, ECMO Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, BID Bis in die (twice a day), gtt Guttae (intravenous drip), SDVT Soleal deep vein thrombosis, CVT Cephalic vein thrombosis