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Table 2 Summary of findings from detection of placental aneuploidy

From: Genomic imbalances in the placenta are associated with poor fetal growth

Study group (N) Balanced (M:F) Unbalanced (M:F) CGH/MLPA result Inferred karyotype CPM
Control (173) 171 (86:85) 2 (1:1) Gain of X 47, XXXa No
del(X/Yq) 46,XY,del(Yqter) Unk
SGA (101) 89 (39:50) 12 (4:8) Gain of 7 47,XX,+7/46,XXa Yes
Gain of 7 47,XY,+7/46,XYa Yes
Gain of 2 47,XX,+2/46,XXa Yes
Gain of 13 47,XX,+13/46,XXa Yes
dup(7q),del(Xp) 46,XX,der(X) t(X;7)(p22.2;q21.2)/46,XX Yes
del(4q),dup(4p) 46,XY, der(4)del(4)(q34.2), dup(4)(p16.3p15.31)/46,XY Yes
Gain of 10, Gain of X 48,XXX,+10/47,XXX Yesb
N/A 47,XY,+2/46,XY Unk
N/A 46,XX,+i(15q)/46,XX Unk
N/A 47,XX, + 16/46,XX Yes
N/A 47,XX,+16/46,XX Yes
N/A 47,XY,+16/46,XY Yes
  1. CGH comparative genomic hybridization, MLPA multiplexed ligation-dependent probe amplification, CPM confined placental mosaicism, Unk. unknown/unable to confirm, N/A not available (cases were only screened by microarray)
  2. aCases published in Robinson et al. (2010)
  3. bConstitutional trisomy X, CPM of trisomy 10