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Table 2 The distribution of allele frequencies of CASC16 SNPs in case and control

From: The association of CASC16 variants with breast Cancer risk in a northwest Chinese female population

SNP IDAlleles (minor/major)Chromosome positionMAFO (HET)E (HET)pa-HWEOR (95% CI)pb
rs3803662G/Achr16: 525524290.3070.3280.4300.4410.5420.91 (0.77–1.06)0.228
rs4784227T/Cchr16: 525652760.2770.2390.3560.3630.5961.22 (1.03–1.45)0.022
rs45544231C/Gchr16: 525988180.1970.1930.3020.3120.3891.02 (0.85–1.24)0.824
rs12922061T/Cchr16: 526010880.2850.2470.3850.3720.4101.21 (1.02–1.44)0.026
rs3112612G/Achr16: 526012520.1970.1950.2990.3140.2211.01 (0.84–1.23)0.885
  1. SNP single nucleotide polymorphisms, MAF minor allele frequency, HWE Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium
  2. pa values were calculated by exact test, pa < 0.05 are excluded
  3. pb values were calculated by two–sided χ2, pb < 0.05 indicates statistical significance