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Table 1 Clinicopathological features of the general cohort population

From: Digital imaging-assisted quantification of H3K27me3 immunoexpression in luminal A/B-like, HER2-negative, invasive breast cancer predicts patient survival and risk of recurrence

Luminal subtypes
 IDC (versus others)13383.1
pT Stage
pN Stage
 pN+≥ 4 nodes35/8541.2
Adjuvant Treatment
 Adjuvant CT63/10063.0
 Adjuvant RT117/14381.8
 Adjuvant ET128/13297.0
 Adjuvant TMX only93/12872.7
 Adjuvant TMX + AI34/12826.6
 Adjuvant TMX + GOS1/1280.8
 Early recurrence22/4252.4
 ET-resistant recurrence24/4257.1
 Systemic recurrence33/4278.6
  1. n = 160 unless otherwise specified. aT3 and T4 cases analyzed conjointly due to low N (see text for further details) Abbreviations: AI Aromatase inhibitor, CT Chemotherapy, ET Endocrine treatment, GOS Goserelin, IDC Invasive ductal carcinoma, RT Radiotherapy, TMX Tamoxifen