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Fig. 4

From: Circulating Tfh cell and subsets distribution are associated with low‐responsiveness to hepatitis B vaccination

Fig. 4

An imbalance of different subsets of B cells emerge in low responder to the hepatitis B vaccine. a Representative dot plots of gating strategy for the analysis of CD27 and CD38 expression in CD19+B cell. b Comparison frequencies of B cell, memory B cell and plasmablasts cell between LR and HR at D7, D14 and D28. c Kinetics of B cell, memory B cell and plasmablasts cell in LR and HR from D7 to D28. d Correlation between frequencies of cTfh cells or CXCR5CD4+T cell and B cell subset at D7. Median and range bars represent mean ± SD

LR low responders, HR hyper responders, D7 range 7–8 days after vaccination, D14 range 14–15 days after vaccination, D28 range 28–29 days after vaccination

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