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Table 2 Effect sizes of anesthesia-induced tau hyperphosphorylation one and three months after anesthesia

From: Anesthesia promotes acute expression of genes related to Alzheimer’s disease and latent tau aggregation in transgenic mouse models of tauopathy

  Insoluble cortex
  RZ3 CP13 PHF1
  Effect size (95% CI)
One month after AN    
COMTKO/P301L at 5 mo
(n per group = 12)
(− 0.58, 1.02)
(− 0.71, 0.89)
(− 0.35, 1.27)
Three months after AN    
COMTKO/P301L at 7 mo
(n per group = 17, 13)
(1.18, 2.96)
(1.14, 2.91)
(0.85, 2.53)
  1. The level of hyperphosphorylation, as quantified by ELISA, in the mice either one or three months after anesthesia was compared to that of the control mice. Hedges’ g was calculated with 95% confidence intervals to estimate the effect size of the difference between two groups. Asterisk indicates that the 95% confidence interval does not include zero. Sample size for the control group is listed first in the first column. AN anesthesia, CI confidence interval, mo months old