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Table 18 lncRNA MALAT1 sponging miRNAs targeting TYMS

From: MALAT1-miRNAs network regulate thymidylate synthase and affect 5FU-based chemotherapy

lncRNA Confirmed or putative binding sites for miRNA† References
MALAT1 Confirmed as ceRNA for miRNAs:
  miR-197-3p at 2775–2781, 2814–2820, 2854–2864 Yang et al. (2019)
  miR-203a-3p at 5414–5419, 6400–6405 Yu et al. (2020); Zhang et al. (2019a); Chen et al. (2017b)
  miR-375-3p at 772–778 Zhao et al. (2020a)
MALAT1 Presumably can sponge miRNAs:
  miR-140-3p at 683–689, 4525–4531, 8737–8743
  miR-330-3p at 8439–8445, and other
TUG1 Confirmed as ceRNA for miRNAs:
  miR-140-3p at 2096–2101, 6438–6443, 6728–6733 Yuan et al. (2021)
  miR-197-3p at 1438–1444, 2098–2103, 3549–3554 Wang et al. (2019a); Tang et al. (2018)
  1. Sites in MALAT1 and TUG1 (transcript variant 8) according to the GenBank sequence accession numbers NR_002819.4, NM_001398480.1, respectively; sites confirmed by the luciferase reporter assay are underlined