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Table 5 Major genes targeted by miR-140-3p in various types of cancer

From: MALAT1-miRNAs network regulate thymidylate synthase and affect 5FU-based chemotherapy

Cancers Targeted gene products References
Cancers with down-regulation of miR-140-3p
  Acting as oncogenes or tumor promoters
CRC BCL2, BCL9 Liu et al. (2021)
GC BCL2 Chen et al. (2021)
ESCC E2F3, NRIP1 Wang et al. (2021d); Chen et al. (2020d)
LUAD TYMS Wan et al. (2021)
Lung cancer ATP6AP2, BRD9, JAK1 Kong et al. (2015); Huang et al. (2019a); Hu et al. (2020)
BLCA ANXA8 Yuan et al. (2021)
HCC GRN, VEGFA Gao et al. (2021b); Hou et al. (2020)
OVCA AGTR1 Qiao et al. (2021)
  Acting both as oncogenes and tumor suppressors, or unclassified
LUAD E2F7 Wang et al. (2021f)
BRCA TRIM28 Zhou et al. (2019)
CeCa ELOA (TCEB3), PDZK1 Wang et al. (2021g); Wang et al. (2022a)
  1. mRNAs encoding the following proteins: AGTR1 encodes the Angiotensin II Receptor Type I and is recognized as an oncogene in various cancers; ANXA8 encodes Annexin A8 that is highly expressed in some cancers; ATP6AP2 is a proto-oncogene coding for ATPase H + Transporting Accessory Protein 2 (Renin/Prorenin Receptor); BCL2 codes for anti-apoptotic protein; BCL9 codes for the coactivator involved in β-catenin mediated transcription; BRD9 encodes Bromodomain-Containing Protein 9 involved in chromatin remodeling complexes; E2F3 encodes E2F Transcription Factor 3; E2F7 is a tumor suppressor gene that encodes atypical E2F Transcription Factor 7; ELOA encodes Elongin A, also known as RNA polymerase II Transcription Elongation Factor B Subunit 3; GRN encodes Granulin Precursor that is presumably involved in tumorigenesis; JAK1 encodes Janus Kinase 1 phosphorylating a tyrosine residue; NRIP1 encodes Nuclear Receptor Interacting Protein 1 which is elevated in tumors; PDZK1 is a tumor suppressor gene encoding PDZ Domain Containing 1, scaffolding protein; TRIM28 encodes a protein that may have both oncogenic and tumor suppressor effects; VEGFA encodes Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A that promotes angiogenesis