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Table 8 Expression levels of miRNAs targeting i.a. TYMS mRNA in cancer

From: MALAT1-miRNAs network regulate thymidylate synthase and affect 5FU-based chemotherapy

miRNA Level Cancers References
miR-203a-3p Down CRC tissues, SW480, HT29, SW620, HCT15 cell lines Qian et al. (2019)
  Up CRC tissues, HCT116, HT29, LoVo, SW1116 cell lines Chen et al. (2018)
  Down CRC tissues Xiao et al. (2018)
  Down LoVo/5-FU (5FU resistant) vs LoVo (parental sensitive) Li et al. (2015a)
  Up in serum of CRC patients Huang et al. (2020a)
  Down GC tissues and two cell lines Wang et al. (2018a)
  Down NSCLC tissues Liang et al. (2020)
  Down NSCLC tissues Yang et al. (2020)
  Down NSCLC (LUAD) tissues, TNM stage III–IV vs I–II Wang et al. (2020a)
  Down BLCA tissues and four cell lines (i.a. T24) Na et al. (2019)
  Up BRCA tissues (mainly luminal A/B) Gomes et al. (2016)
  Up HCC tissues Huo et al. (2017)
  Down PDAC four cell lines (i.a. PANC-1, SW 1990) An and Zheng (2020)
  Down OVCA tissues Liu et al. (2019a)
  1. ,For description see footnote to Table 2