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Table 1 :Summary of currently known cells which exhibit Zn2+ -dependent Ca2+ signaling via the putative ZnR pathway.

From: The Zinc Sensing Receptor, a Link Between Zinc and Cell Signaling

  Zn2+ -dependent Ca2+ rise, via the IP3 pathway Signaling pathway activated by extracellular Zn2+ Physiological outcome Ref
HT29 colonocytes + + + MAPK; PI3K; CaMK; clusterin NHE1 upregulation (22,29)
PC-3 androgen independent prostate cancer + + MAPK; PI3K; PKC Cell proliferation and survival In prep.
HaCaT, (Normal human) keratinocytes + + MAPK; PI3K Enhanced wound healing (22)
3T3 and human Fibroblasts No response None  
Neurons — acute slice + + MAPK Unknown In prep.
Glia cell — primary No response None  
C6 glioma cells No response None  
Pancreatic β cells + + Unknown Unknown  
INS pancreatic α cells No response None  
HSY salivary gland + + + Unknown Paracrine activity; ATP secretion (24)