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Table 1 Nomenclature and Known Function of LIV-1 Family Members.

From: The Emerging Role of the LIV-1 Subfamily of Zinc Transporters in Breast Cancer

gene name Protein name Other names Cell location Tissue distribution Transport function Disease link Chromosome Accession number
SLC39A4 ZIP4 LZT-Hs5 PM Small intestine, stomach, colon, cecum, kidney Zinc uptake Acrodermatitis enteropathica (3537) 8q24.3 NM_017767
SLC39A5 ZIP5 LZT-Hs7 Basolateral surface of polarized cells Kidney, liver, spleen, colon, stomach, pancreas Zinc removal   12q13.13 NM_173596
SLC39A6 LIV-1, ZIP6 LZT-Hs3 PM Widespread Zinc influx Breast cancer (2122), 18q12.1 NM_012319
SLC39A7 HKE4, ZIP7 LZT-Hs1 ER and Golgi widespread Zinc and manganese bidirectional? (20) Tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer 6p21.3 NM_006979
SLC39A8 BIGM103, ZIP8 LZT-Hs6 Vesicles Widespread Cadmium influx (11), Zinc influx Faslodex resistance in breast cancer 4q22-q24 NM_022154
SLC39A10 ZIP10 LZT-Hs2 PM Widespread Zinc influx   2q33.1 NM_020342
SLC39A12 ZIP12 LZT-Hs8   Brain, lung, testis, retina   Asthma (32) 10p12.33 NM_152725
SLC39A13 ZIP13 LZT-Hs9   Widespread    11p11.12 NM_152264
SLC39A14 ZIP14 LZT-Hs4 PM Widespread Zinc influx, non-transferrin-bound iron uptake (12) Asthma (32), inflammation mediated by IL-6 (31) 8p21.2 NM_015359
  1. PM, plasma membrane.