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Table 6 Functional Annotations related to zinc, downregulated on both day one and day three. The analysis is based on the default parameters in D.A.V.I.D.

From: Genome-Level Longitudinal Expression of Signaling Pathways and Gene Networks in Pediatric Septic Shock

Category Term number of genes day one (day three) P value day one (day three)
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS zinc-finger 118 (143) 2.9E-16 (3.0E-22)
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS zinc 135 (159) 3.0E-16 (1.4E-20)
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS metal-binding 147 (176) 1.1E-12 (2.4E-17)
GOTERM_MF_ALL zinc ion binding 149 (172) 5.9E-11 (1.1E-12)