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Table 4 The Relationship of Risk Alleles and Haplotype of STAT4 with High CCP and RF Titer

From: Association of STAT4 with Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Korean Population

  TTCG Haplotype Others P value
High antiCCPa 0.50 0.48 0.46
High RFa 0.42 0.39 0.33
RF titerb    
Mean 219.9 181.9 0.29
Median 79.4 73.5  
25 percentile 36.2 36.2  
75 percentile 215.0 183.5  
  1. aWe divided the cases into high or low anti-CCP/RF group based on the titer ≥ 100 units; Values indicate the frequency of cases with high anti-CCP or high RF out of given subjects; All risk alleles (data not shown) and haplotype do not affect the high anti-CCP or high RF titer frequency using chi square test [ORs (95% CI) 1.09 (0.86–1.38) and 1.11 (0.90–1.38) in order].
  2. bRF titer was not significantly related to risk haplotype using nonparametric statistics despite a trend toward higher titer in the risk groups.