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Table 5 Examination of the relationship between seminal plasma cadmium levels and clinical outcomes.

From: Cadmium Concentrations in Blood and Seminal Plasma: Correlations with Sperm Number and Motility in Three Male Populations (Infertility Patients, Artificial Insemination Donors, and Unselected Volunteers)

A. Analysis of continuous variables
Subjects Outcome n Spearman correlation coefficient, r P
Group 1: infertility patients Fertilization by numerical dose-compensated insemination 91 0.081 0.445, NSa
Group 2: AI donors Pregnancy by AID 12 −0.637 <0.032
Group 3: general population volunteers Pregnancy by coitus 22 −0.168 0.451, NS
B. Group 1 subjects only
Variable Group n Median Interquartile range Kruskal-Wallis test P value
Seminal plasma cadmium      
  Not pregnant
Clinical pregnancy
Viable pregnancy
\(\left. {\matrix{ {0.245-0.337} \cr {0.247-0.303} \cr {0.246-0.355} \cr } } \right\}\) 0.722, NS
  1. aNS, not significant.