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Figure 3

From: Thrombin and Its Receptor Enhance ST-Segment Elevation in Acute Myocardial Infarction by Activating the KATP Channel

Figure 3

(A) Experimental protocol. Guinea pigs were divided into two groups: 5 ATU hirudin + TFA and 5 ATU hirudin + TRAP. In the 5 ATU hirudin + TRAP group, 5 ATU hirudin was locally injected in the left ventricular wall 1–2 mm below ligature of LCA 1–2 min before the LCA ligation. Thereafter, TRAP (250 nmol/L [100 µL]) or TFA was locally injected in the same area 1–2 min after the LCA ligation. (B) Representative electrocardiographic recordings of locally injected TRAP or TFA at different time points after LCA ligation. (C) Summary percent of control of the ST/QRS+ at different time points in five cases from each group. Data are mean ± SEM from five animals per group. *P < 0.05 versus 5 ATU hirudin group.

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