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Figure 4

From: Thrombin and Its Receptor Enhance ST-Segment Elevation in Acute Myocardial Infarction by Activating the KATP Channel

Figure 4

(A) Experimental protocol in guinea pigs that did not undergo LCA ligation. The animals were divided into five groups: 5HD and TRAP, HMR1098 and TRAP, glibenclamide (Gli) and TRAP, vehicle for glibenclamide (DMSO) and TRAP, and vehicle for glibenclamide (0.011% DMSO) and vehicle (0.1% TFA) for TRAP, Each animal received an intravenous injection in the right jugular vein of 5HD (3 mg/kg [100 µL]), HMR1098 (4 mg/kg [100 µL]), glibenclamide (4 mg/kg [100 µL]) or 0.011% DMSO (100 µL), according to their respective groupings 14–15 min before TRAP (250 nmol/L [100 µL]) or TFA (100 µL) was locally injected into the left ventricular area. (B) Representative electrocardiographic recordings. (C) Summary percent of control of ST/QRS+ at different time points for each group. Data are mean ± SEM from five animals per group. *P < 0.05, Gli + TRAP group versus 5HD + TRAP group, DMSO + TFA group, and DMSO + TRAP group. #P< 0.05, HMR1098 + TRAP group versus 5HD + TRAP group.

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