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Table 1 Real-time PCR primers used in this study.

From: Deptor Knockdown Enhances mTOR Activity and Protein Synthesis in Myocytes and Ameliorates Disuse Muscle Atrophy

Gene Symbol Gene name Assay IDa PubMed reference sequence
Actb Actin, beta Mm01205647_gl NM_007393.3
Gapdh Glyceraldehydes-3-phosphate dehydrogenase Mm999999915_gl NM_008084.2
Rpl32 Ribosome protein L32 Mm02528467_gl NM_172086.2
B2m β-2 microglobulin Mm00437762_ml NM_009735.3
Depdc6 (Deptor) DEP domain containing 6 Mm01195339_ml NM_145470.2 and NM_001037937.2
Hprt Hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyl transferase1 Mm00446968_ml NM_013556.2
  1. aPrimers were purchased from Applied Biosystems. Assay ID represents specific details of primer sequences used.