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Table 1 Characteristics of the first successful transplantations of kidney allografts with ≥6 months’ survival.

From: A Journey in Science: The Birth of Organ Transplantation with Particular Reference to Alloengraftment Mechanisms

Physician Site Date Donor relationship Survival
Joseph E Murray Boston, MA 24 January 1959 Fraternal twin 20 years
Jean Hamburgera Paris, France 22 June 1960 Fraternal twin 26 years
Rene Küssa Paris, France 22 June1960 Unrelated 18 monthsb
Jean Hamburgera Paris, France 19 December 1960 Mother 22 monthsb
Rene Küssa Paris, France 12 March 1961 Unrelated 18 monthsb
Ralph Shackman London, England 16 March 1961 Brother 3 years
Jean Hamburgera Paris, France 12 February 1962 Cousin 15 yearsc
Joseph E Murray Boston, MA April 1962 Unrelated 17 monthsd
Thomas E Starzl Denver, CO 1961–1963 Mixed series >50 years
  1. For annotations, see Starzl and Fung (44).
  2. aKuss and Hamburger described periodic administration of adrenal cortical steroids with these patients.
  3. bPatient death occurred at listed time.
  4. cPatient underwent successful retransplantation in the 1970s.
  5. dFirst success with drugs-only immunosuppression (no radiation).