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  1. Trastuzumab (Trz)-induced cardiotoxicity (TIC) is one of the most common adverse effects of targeted anticancer agents. Although oxidative stress, inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction, apoptosis, and ferrop...

    Authors: Thawatchai Khuanjing, Chayodom Maneechote, Benjamin Ongnok, Nanthip Prathumsap, Apiwan Arinno, Titikorn Chunchai, Busarin Arunsak, Siriporn C. Chattipakorn and Nipon Chattipakorn
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:123
  2. Children of mothers with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) are more prone to acquire type 2 diabetes and obesity as adults. Due to this link, early intervention strategies that alter the gut microbiome may b...

    Authors: Weijie Liang, Yuanyi Feng, Dongmei Yang, Jiajun Qin, Ximei Zhi, Wen Wu and Qiang Jie
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:122
  3. As the tissue with the highest selenium content in the body, the occurrence and development of thyroid cancer are closely related to selenium and selenoproteins. Selenium-binding protein 1 (SBP1) has been repe...

    Authors: Jiancang Ma, Xin Huang, Jinkai Xu, Zongyu Li, Jingyue Lai, Yawei Shen, Jun Zhao, Xuejun Sun and Lieting Ma
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:121
  4. Lumbar facet joint osteoarthritis (LFJ OA) is a common disease, and there is still a lack of effective disease-modifying therapies. Our aim was to determine the therapeutic effect of hypoxia-treated adipose me...

    Authors: Jinyun Zhao, Yi Sun, Xiaolong Sheng, Jiaqi Xu, Guoyu Dai, Rundong He, Yuxin Jin, Zhide Liu, Yong Xie, Tianding Wu, Yong Cao, Jianzhong Hu and Chunyue Duan
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:120
  5. Small ubiquitin-like modifier mediated modification (SUMOylation) is a critical post-translational modification that has a broad spectrum of biological functions, including genome replication and repair, trans...

    Authors: Xuyang Zheng, Lingqiao Wang, Zhen Zhang and Huifang Tang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:119
  6.  Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is an independent risk factor for Alzheimer's disease (AD). Exendin-4 (Ex-4), a widely used glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist drug in the treatment of T2D, has been demonstrated t...

    Authors: Xiaonan Kang, Dan Wang, Lu Zhang, Teng Huang, Siyue Liu, Xiaohui Feng, Yaoyao Guo, Ziyin Zhang, Zhongjing Wang, Huihui Ren and Gang Yuan
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:118
  7. Inflammatory injury of gallbladder mucosal epithelial cells affects the development of cholelithiasis, and aquaporin 3 (AQP3) is an important regulator of inflammatory response. This study reports a mechanistic i...

    Authors: Ganggang Wang, Hao Zhang, Zhijie Zhou, Wenzhi Jin, Xin Zhang, Zenghui Ma and Xiaoliang Wang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:116
  8. This study was to evaluate plasma galectin-3 levels from early pregnancy to delivery and explore the effects of galectin-3 on the function of trophoblast cells under high glucose exposure.

    Authors: Yu Deng, Hongyan Jin, Jie Ning, Dong Cui, Muqiu Zhang and Huixia Yang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:115
  9. To elucidate the mechanism whereby advanced glycation end products (AGEs) accelerate atherosclerosis (AS) and to explore novel therapeutic strategies for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

    Authors: Meng Shu, Wenzhuo Cheng, Xiong Jia, Xiangli Bai, Ying Zhao, Yajing Lu, Lin Zhu, Yan Zhu, Li Wang, Yan Shu, Yi Song and Si Jin
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:113
  10. Glucose-Regulated Protein 78 (GRP78) is a chaperone protein that is predominantly expressed in the lumen of the endoplasmic reticulum. GRP78 plays a crucial role in protein folding by assisting in the assembly...

    Authors: Amos Olalekan Akinyemi, Kendall Elizabeth Simpson, Sunday Faith Oyelere, Maria Nur, Chrispus Mutuku Ngule, Bolaji Charles Dayo Owoyemi, Vivian Adiila Ayarick, Felix Femi Oyelami, Oluwafunminiyi Obaleye, Dave-Preston Esoe, Xiaoqi Liu and Zhiguo Li
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:112
  11. Soluble oligomeric forms of alpha-synuclein (aSyn-O) are believed to be one of the main toxic species in Parkinson’s disease (PD) leading to degeneration. aSyn-O can induce Ca2+ influx, over activating downstream...

    Authors: Ricardo Sant’Anna, Bruno K. Robbs, Júlia Araújo de Freitas, Patrícia Pires dos Santos, Annekatrin König, Tiago Fleming Outeiro and Debora Foguel
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:111
  12. Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a complex debilitating disease characterized by intense fear of weight gain and excessive exercise. It is the deadliest of any psychiatric disorder with a high rate of recidivism, yet ...

    Authors: Rizaldy C. Zapata, Chanond A. Nasamran, Daisy R. Chilin-Fuentes, Stephanie C. Dulawa and Olivia Osborn
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:109
  13. Microglia play a pivotal role in neuroinflammation, while obesity triggers hypothalamic microglia activation and inflammation. Sirt6 is an important regulator of energy metabolism in many peripheral tissues an...

    Authors: Xiaoxia Xiao, Huiling Hu, Yadi Zhong, Yingjian Chen, Kaijia Tang, Zhisen Pan, Jiawen Huang, Xiaoying Yang, Qi Wang and Yong Gao
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:108

    The Correction to this article has been published in Molecular Medicine 2023 29:128

  14. A dysfunction of NADH dehydrogenase, the mitochondrial Complex I (CI), associated with the development of left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) in previous experimental studies. A deficiency of Ndufc2 (subunit of...

    Authors: Giovanna Gallo, Maurizio Forte, Maria Cotugno, Simona Marchitti, Rosita Stanzione, Giuliano Tocci, Franca Bianchi, Silvia Palmerio, Mariarosaria Scioli, Giacomo Frati, Sebastiano Sciarretta, Emanuele Barbato, Massimo Volpe and Speranza Rubattu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:107
  15. Sepsis is characterized as an insulin resistant state. However, the effects of sepsis on insulin’s signal transduction pathway are unknown. The molecular activity driving insulin signaling is controlled by ty...

    Authors: Deepa Mathew, Julia Barillas-Cerritos, Ana Nedeljkovic-Kurepa, Mabel Abraham, Matthew D. Taylor and Clifford S. Deutschman
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:106
  16. Macrophage-like transformation of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) is a risk factor of atherosclerosis (AS) progression. Transcription factor homeobox A1 (HOXA1) plays functional roles in differentiation a...

    Authors: Zhiyang Han, Haidi Hu, MingZhu Yin, Yu Lin, Yan Yan, Peng Han, Bing Liu and Bao Jing
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:104
  17. Cancers aggressively reorganize collagen in their microenvironment, leading to the evasion of tumor cells from immune surveillance. However, the biological significance and molecular mechanism of collagen alig...

    Authors: Bin Lian, Shuxun Yan, Jiayi Li, Zhengyang Bai and Jinping Li
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:103
  18. Postpartum depression (PPD) is a prevalent mental disorder that negatively impacts mothers and infants. The mechanisms of vulnerability to affective illness in the postpartum period remain largely unknown. Dra...

    Authors: Binglu Ye, Yawei Yuan, Rui Liu, Haitao Zhou, Yujie Li, Zhihao Sheng, Tianyu Li, Bing Zhang, Zhendong Xu, Yang Li and Zhiqiang Liu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:101
  19. Obesity-related asthma is a kind of nonallergic asthma with excessive neutrophil infiltration in the airways. However, the underlying mechanisms have been poorly elucidated. Among the adipokines related to obe...

    Authors: Yang Wang, Rongjun Wan and Chengping Hu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:100
  20. To elucidate the mechanism by which DEC2 modulates the proliferation of mesangial cells (MCs) in lupus nephritis (LN).

    Authors: Huimeng Qi, Li Xu and Qiang Liu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:99

    The Correction to this article has been published in Molecular Medicine 2023 29:124

  21. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) is a major complication of diabetes. This study aimed to investigate the therapeutic effects and molecular mechanisms of Compound Qiying Granules (CQYG) for DPN.

    Authors: Yan Hu, Chen Chen, Zhengting Liang, Tao Liu, Xiaoling Hu, Guanying Wang, Jinxia Hu, Xiaolin Xie and Zhiyan Liu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:98
  22. Toll-like receptors play a significant role in the innate immune system and are also involved in the pathophysiology of many different diseases. Over the past 35 years, there have been a growing number of publ...

    Authors: Kurtis Edwards, Peter M. Lydyard, Nino Kulikova, Tamar Tsertsvadze, Emanuela V. Volpi, Nicholas Chiorazzi and Nino Porakishvili
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:97
  23. Spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 (SCA3) is the most common autosomal dominant hereditary ataxia worldwide, which is however in a lack of effective treatment. In view of that engineered exosomes are a promising no...

    Authors: Zhenchu Tang, Shenglan Hu, Ziwei Wu and Miao He
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:96
  24. The main cause of high mortality from sepsis is that immunosuppression leads to life-threatening organ dysfunction, and reversing immunosuppression is key to sepsis treatment. Interferon γ (IFNγ) is a potentia...

    Authors: Xu-zhe Fu and Yu Wang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:95

    The Correction to this article has been published in Molecular Medicine 2023 29:110

  25. The metabolism of glucose and lipids is essential for energy production in the body, and dysregulation of the metabolic pathways of these molecules is implicated in various acute and chronic diseases, such as ...

    Authors: Yu-Hang Yang, Ri Wen, Ni Yang, Tie-Ning Zhang and Chun-Feng Liu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:93
  26. Diabetic nephropathy (DN) is a major complication of diabetes mellitus. Clinical reports indicate that smoking is a significant risk factor for chronic kidney disease, and the tobacco epidemic exacerbates kidn...

    Authors: Jianning Chen, Haiting Xiao, Rui Xue, Vinod Kumar, Rukhsana Aslam, Syed Faizan Mehdi, Huairong Luo, Ashwani Malhotra, Xiqian Lan and Pravin Singhal
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:92
  27. E1A-associated 300-kDa protein (P300), an endogenous histone acetyltransferase, contributes to modifications of the chromatin landscape of genes involved in multiple cardiovascular diseases. Ferroptosis of vas...

    Authors: Juan Shi, Qun-Hui Wang, Xiang Wei, Bo Huo, Jian-Nan Ye, Xin Yi, Xin Feng, Ze-Min Fang, Ding-Sheng Jiang and Ming-Jia Ma
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:91
  28. Breast cancer is one of the most common malignancies occurred in female around the globe. Recent studies have revealed the crucial characters of miRNA and genes, as well as the essential roles of epigenetic re...

    Authors: Zhao-Hui Chen, Yi-Bo Chen, Hao-Ran Yue, Xue-Jie Zhou, Hai-Yan Ma, Xin Wang, Xu-Chen Cao and Yue Yu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:89
  29. Inflammation of the fetal membranes is an indispensable event of labor onset at both term and preterm birth. Interleukin-33 (IL-33) is known to participate in inflammation via ST2 (suppression of tumorigenicit...

    Authors: Wen-jia Lei, Fan Zhang, Yi-kai Lin, Meng-die Li, Fan Pan, Kang Sun and Wang-sheng Wang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:88
  30. Neuronatin (NNAT) was recently identified as a novel mediator of estrogen receptor-positive (ER+) breast cancer cell proliferation and migration, which correlated with decreased tumorigenic potential and prolo...

    Authors: Cody Plasterer, Marharyta Semenikhina, Shirng-Wern Tsaih, Michael J Flister and Oleg Palygin
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:87
  31. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joint disease with lacking effective prevention targets. A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 12 (ADAMTS12) is a member of the ADAMTS family and ...

    Authors: Shu Yang, Xuanping Zhou, Zhen Jia, Mali Zhang, Minghao Yuan, Yizhao Zhou, Jing Wang and Duo Xia
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:86
  32. The kidney is an important organ for maintaining normal metabolism and stabilising the internal environment, in which, the heterogeneity of cell types has hindered the progress in understanding the mechanisms ...

    Authors: Jiayi Zhu, Jinrong Lu and Huachun Weng
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:85
  33. Abnormal activation of NLRP3 inflammasome is related to a series of inflammatory diseases, including type 2 diabetes, gouty arthritis, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), and neurodegenerative disorders. The...

    Authors: Jia Zhao, Hongbin Liu, Zhixian Hong, Wei Luo, Wenqing Mu, Xiaorong Hou, Guang Xu, Zhie Fang, Lutong Ren, Tingting Liu, Jincai Wen, Wei Shi, Ziying Wei, Yongping Yang, Wenjun Zou, Jun Zhao…
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:84
  34. Many studies have confirmed the association of aquaporins (AQPs) with abnormal amniotic fluid volume (AFV). In our previous experiments, we found that Tanshinone IIA was able to regulate the expression of AQP1...

    Authors: Shuangjia Pan, Yehui Lan, Baoyi Chen, Yujia Zhou, Xinxin Ying and Ying Hua
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:83
  35. Insulin resistance (IR) is an important determinant of glucose metabolic disturbance and placental dysplasia in gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). Calcium/calmodulin dependent protein kinase IV (CAMK4) impro...

    Authors: Ling Li, Li Li, Ying Shao, Runyu Du, Ling Li, Xiaoguang Shi and Yu Bai
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:82
  36. Fatigue is common in patients with chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, often with a severe impact on the patient’s daily life. From a biological point of view, fatigue can be regarded as an element o...

    Authors: Ingeborg Kvivik, Tore Grimstad, Kjetil Bårdsen, Grete Jonsson, Jan Terje Kvaløy and Roald Omdal
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:81
  37. Myelin sheath is a crucial accessory to the functional nerve-fiber unit, its disruption or loss can lead to axonal degeneration and subsequent neurodegenerative diseases (NDs). Notwithstanding of substantial p...

    Authors: Jinghui Xu, Bin Zhang, Jieyi Cai, Qianqian Peng, Junxia Hu, Parizat Askar, Jianghong Shangguan, Wenfeng Su, Changlai Zhu, Hualin Sun, Songlin Zhou, Gang Chen, Xiaoming Yang and Yun Gu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:79
  38. Long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) H19 is one of the most highly expressed and conserved transcripts in mammalian development, and its functions have been fully discussed in many contexts including tumorigenesis and...

    Authors: He Zhang, Fei Wang, Xiangsheng Pang, Yue Zhou, Shiming Li, Wenjiong Li, Peng Zhang and Xiaoping Chen
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:78
  39. Within the group of node-negative colon cancer patients, presumed to have a good prognosis, a significant percentage of patients develops cancer-recurrence. Current high-risk features prove inadequate to sele...

    Authors: Maud T. A. Strous, Ragna L. A. van der Linden, Audrey L. H. M. Gubbels, Timothy K. E. Faes, Koop Bosscha, Carolien M. Bronkhorst, Maryska L. G. Janssen-Heijnen, Adriaan P. de Bruïne and F. Jeroen Vogelaar
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:77
  40. Sepsis-induced acute lung injury (ALI) is associated with poor survival rates. The identification of potential therapeutic targets for preventing sepsis-induced ALI has clinical importance. This study aims to ...

    Authors: Wenfang Xia, Zhou Pan, Huanming Zhang, Qingshan Zhou and Yu Liu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:76
  41. The significant challenge in treating triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) lies in its high rate of distant metastasis. To address this, inhibiting metastasis formation in TNBC is vital. Rac is a key player in...

    Authors: Grace Velez Crespo, Jescelica Ortiz, Eliud Hernández O’Farrill, Cornelis P. Vlaar, Mikhail Inyushin, Yuriy Kucheryavykh and Lilia Kucheryavykh
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:75
  42. Hemophilia A (HA) is an X-linked monogenic disorder caused by deficiency of the factor VIII (FVIII) gene in the intrinsic coagulation cascade. The current protein replacement therapy (PRT) of HA has many limitati...

    Authors: Jie Gong, Rui Yang, Min Zhou and Lung-Ji Chang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:74
  43. Elevated plasma homocysteine levels, known as hyperhomocysteinemia, have been identified as an independent risk factor for atherosclerosis and related cardiovascular diseases. Macrophage pyroptosis-mediated in...

    Authors: Shan Zhang, Ying Lv, Xing Luo, Xiuzhu Weng, Jinyu Qi, Xiaoxuan Bai, Chen Zhao, Ming Zeng, Xiaoyi Bao, Xinyu Dai, Ying Zhang, Yuwu Chen, Minghao Liu, Sining Hu, Ji Li and Haibo Jia
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:73

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