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  1. Mitochondrial metabolism has been proposed as an attractive target for breast cancer therapy. The discovery of new mechanisms underlying mitochondrial dysfunction will facilitate the development of new metabol...

    Authors: Ling Huang, Bo Wei, Yuran Zhao, Xue Gong and Liming Chen
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:72
  2.  Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is a global public health problem and Egypt has the highest HCV prevalence worldwide. Hence, global efforts target to eliminate HCV by 2030. Sofosbuvir is a nucleotide analog...

    Authors: Shimaa A. Mahmoud, Maryam M. Abdel-Aziz, Rana H. M. Khafaga, Hala A. Hafez, Maher A. Kamel and Sara A. Shaker
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:71
  3. Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) is the most common and serious chronic lung disease in preterm infants with pathological characteristics of arrested lung development. DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) are a ser...

    Authors: Xin Tong, Danni Li, Na Liu, Wanjie Huang, Xinyi Zhao, Dan Zhang, Xindong Xue and Jianhua Fu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:70
  4. In Head and neck cancer (HNC) angiogenesis is essential for tumor progression and metastasis. Small extracellular vesicles (sEVs) from HNC cell lines alter endothelial cell (EC) functions towards a pro-angioge...

    Authors: Luisa Tengler, Julia Schütz, Moritz Tiedtke, Jadwiga Jablonska, Marie-Nicole Theodoraki, Katja Nitschke, Christel Weiß, Elena Seiz, Annette Affolter, Frederic Jungbauer, Anne Lammert, Nicole Rotter and Sonja Ludwig
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:69
  5. Cardiovascular diseases have become a serious threat to human health and life worldwide and have the highest fatality rate. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases have become a focu...

    Authors: Yue Zhou, Yiwen Zha, Yongqi Yang, Tan Ma, Hongliang Li and Jingyan Liang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:68
  6. Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is one of the most prevalent monogenic human diseases. It is mostly caused by pathogenic variants in PKD1 or PKD2 genes that encode interacting transmembrane p...

    Authors: Elizabeth J. Wilk, Timothy C. Howton, Jennifer L. Fisher, Vishal H. Oza, Ryan T. Brownlee, Kasi C. McPherson, Hannah L. Cleary, Bradley K. Yoder, James F. George, Michal Mrug and Brittany N. Lasseigne
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:67
  7. Cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) are the most abundant stromal cells within the tumor microenvironment (TME). They extensively communicate with the other cells. Exosome-packed bioactive molecules derived f...

    Authors: Zhiwei Peng, Zhiwei Tong, Zihao Ren, Manping Ye and Kongwang Hu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:66
  8. The morbidity and mortality of sepsis are extremely high, which is a major problem plaguing human health. However, current drugs and measures for the prevention and treatment of sepsis have little effect. Seps...

    Authors: Shuang Wang, Liangzhi Xiong, Zhihua Ruan, Xiaofang Gong, Yanrong Luo, Chengyi Wu, Yu Wang, Hui Shang and Jingyi Chen
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:65
  9. Low-grade gliomas (LGG) are a type of brain tumor that can be lethal, and it is essential to identify genes that are correlated with patient prognosis. In this study, we aimed to use CRISPR-cas9 screening data...

    Authors: Maimaitili Mijiti, Aierpati Maimaiti, Xiaoqing Chen, Maidina Tuersun, Miershayiti Dilixiati, Yilidanna Dilixiati, Guohua Zhu, Hao Wu, Yandong Li, Mirzat Turhon, Aimitaji Abulaiti, Nuerailijiang Maimaitiaili, Nadire Yiming, Maimaitijiang Kasimu and Yongxin Wang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:64
  10. Hepatic ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury is one of the major pathological processes associated with various liver surgeries. However, there is still a lack of strategies to protect against hepatic I/R injury ...

    Authors: Hang Yang, Zuotian Huang, Yunhai Luo, Dengliang Lei, Ping Yan, Ai Shen, Wenbin Liu, Dewei Li and Zhongjun Wu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:62
  11. The ischemia–reperfusion (IR) environment during deep hypothermic circulatory arrest (DHCA) cardiovascular surgery is a major cause of acute kidney injury (AKI), which lacks preventive measure and treatment. I...

    Authors: Peiyao Zhang, Liting Bai, Yuanyuan Tong, Shengwen Guo, Wenlong Lu, Yue Yuan, Wenting Wang, Yu Jin, Peng Gao and Jinping Liu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:61
  12. Cell-based therapy has been recognized as a novel technique for the management of diabetic foot ulcers, and cell-sheet engineering leads to improved efficacy in cell transplantation. This study aims to explore...

    Authors: Min Wu, Jun Tu, Jinjun Huang, Huicai Wen, Yuanlin Zeng and Yingjie Lu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:60
  13. Myofibroblasts (MFB), one of the major effectors of pathologic fibrosis, mainly derived from the activation of fibroblast to myofibroblast transition (FMT). Although MFBs were historically considered terminall...

    Authors: Ruohao Xu, Miao Wu, Yawen Wang, Chao Li, Lingji Zeng, Yulian Wang, Maozhi Xiao, Xiaomei Chen, Suxia Geng, Peilong Lai, Xin Du and Jianyu Weng
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:59
  14. Septic acute kidney injury (S-AKI) is the leading form of acute kidney failure among hospitalized patients, and the inflammatory response is involved in this process. 4-octyl itaconate (4-OI) is a multi-target...

    Authors: Lujun Xu, Juan Cai, Chenrui Li, Ming Yang, Tongyue Duan, Qing Zhao, Yiyun Xi, Liya Sun, Liyu He, Chengyuan Tang and Lin Sun
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:58
  15. Mitochondrial quality control (MQC) plays a critical role in the progression of tubulointerstitial injury in diabetic kidney disease (DKD). The mitochondrial unfolded protein response (UPRmt), which is an impo...

    Authors: Yifei Liu, Lei Zhang, Shumin Zhang, Jialu Liu, Xiaohui Li, Kexin Yang, Danyi Yang, Yu Liu, Lin Sun, Fuyou Liu and Li Xiao
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:57
  16. Renal fibrosis is a common pathologic process of most chronic kidney diseases (CKDs), becoming one of the major public health problems worldwide. Terminal fucosylation plays an important role in physiological ...

    Authors: Jialiang Luo, Kaifeng Mao, Zhengyumeng Zhu, Junli Ye, Lei Li, Di Wang, Jia Zhou, Fenwang Lin, Juan Li and Junsheng Ye
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:55
  17. Sarcopenia and osteoporosis are common diseases that predominantly affect older individuals. The interaction between muscle and skeleton exerts pivotal roles in bone remodeling. This study aimed to explore the...

    Authors: Yunchao Li, Xiaoxiao Wang, Changyu Pan, Hui Yuan, Xinyi Li, Zejun Chen and Haoyu He
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:54
  18. Helicobacter pylori is a key agent for causing gastric complications linked with gastric disorders. In response to infection, host cells stimulate autophagy to maintain cellular homeostasis. However, H. pylori ha...

    Authors: Uzma Khan, Bipul Chandra Karmakar, Priyanka Basak, Sangita Paul, Animesh Gope, Deotima Sarkar, Asish Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Shanta Dutta and Sushmita Bhattacharya
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:51
  19. Membrane lipids have an important function in the brain as they not only provide a physical barrier segregating the inner and outer cellular environments, but are also involved in cell signaling. It has been s...

    Authors: Hendrik Bussmann, Swen Bremer, Hanns Häberlein, Georg Boonen, Jürgen Drewe, Veronika Butterweck and Sebastian Franken
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:50
  20. The cytoskeletal architecture of osteoclasts (OCs) and bone resorption activity must be appropriately controlled for proper bone remodeling, which is associated with osteoporosis. The RhoA protein of GTPase pl...

    Authors: Jirong Wang, Chengyun Xu, Jing Zhang, Yizhong Bao, Ying Tang, Xiaoling Lv, Bo Ma, Ximei Wu and Genxiang Mao
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:49

    The Correction to this article has been published in Molecular Medicine 2023 29:102

  21. Despite constant advances in regenerative medicine, the closure of chronic wounds is still challenging. Therapeutic approaches using locally administered MSCs have been considered a promising option. However, ...

    Authors: María Ángeles de Pedro, María Pulido, Verónica Álvarez, Federica Marinaro, Ana María Marchena, Francisco Miguel Sánchez-Margallo, Javier G. Casado and Esther López
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:48
  22. Protein kinases play a pivotal role in the malignant evolution of pancreatic cancer (PC) through mediating phosphorylation. Many kinase inhibitors have been developed and translated into clinical use, while th...

    Authors: Juying Jiao, Linjie Ruan, Chien-shan Cheng, Fengjiao Wang, Peiwen Yang and Zhen Chen
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:47
  23. Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disorder in which excessive CD4+ T-cell activation and imbalanced effector T-cell differentiation play critical roles. Recent studies have implied a potential a...

    Authors: Shuang Lu, Xingyu Wei, Huan Zhu, Zhi Hu, Meiling Zheng, Jiali Wu, Cheng Zhao, Shuang Yang, Delong Feng, Sujie Jia, Hongjun Zhao and Ming Zhao
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:46
  24. High-resolution respirometry (HRR) of human biopsies can provide useful metabolic, diagnostic, and mechanistic insights for clinical research and comparative medical studies. Fresh tissues analysis offers the ...

    Authors: Matteo Giovarelli, Anais Serati, Silvia Zecchini, Fabiola Guelfi, Emilio Clementi and Chiara Mandò
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:45
  25. Dysregulated long non-coding RNAs participate in the development of diabetic cerebral ischemia. This study aimed to investigate the underlying mechanism of lncRNA MALAT1 in diabetic cerebral ischemia.

    Authors: Nan Zhao, Wei Hua, Qi Liu, Yueying Wang, Zhiyi Liu, Sinan Jin, Benshuai Wang, Yuxin Pang, Jiping Qi and Yuejia Song
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:44
  26. Although a pivotal role of microRNA (miRNA, miR) in the pathogenesis of Huntington’s disease (HD) is increasingly recognized, the molecular functions of miRNAs in the pathomechanisms of HD await further elucid...

    Authors: Martin Hart, Caroline Diener, Laetitia Lunkes, Stefanie Rheinheimer, Lena Krammes, Andreas Keller and Eckart Meese
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:43
  27. Ferroptosis, which is characterized by lipid peroxidation and iron accumulation, is closely associated with the pathogenesis of acute renal injury (AKI). Cyanidin-3-glucoside (C3G), a typical flavonoid that ha...

    Authors: Yi-Wei Du, Xiao-Kang Li, Ting-Ting Wang, Lu Zhou, Hui-Rong Li, Lan Feng, Heng Ma and Hong-Bao Liu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:42
  28. Differential expression analysis is usually adjusted for variation. However, most studies that examined the expression variability (EV) have used computations affected by low expression levels and did not exam...

    Authors: Caine Lucas Grandt, Lara Kim Brackmann, Ronja Foraita, Heike Schwarz, Willempje Hummel-Bartenschlager, Thomas Hankeln, Christiane Kraemer, Sebastian Zahnreich, Philipp Drees, Johanna Mirsch, Claudia Spix, Maria Blettner, Heinz Schmidberger, Harald Binder, Moritz Hess, Danuta Galetzka…
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:41
  29. Being the standard-of-care for four decades, cisplatin-based chemotherapy is highly efficient in treating germ cell tumors (GCT). However, often refractory patients present with a remaining (resistant) yolk-sa...

    Authors: Margaretha A. Skowron, Mara Kotthoff, Felix Bremmer, Katja Ruhnke, Fatma Parmaksiz, Annika Richter, Stefan Küffer, Kirsten Reuter-Jessen, Stella Pauls, Anja Stefanski, Philipp Ströbel, Kai Stühler and Daniel Nettersheim
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:40
  30. Diabetes-related limb ischemia is a challenge for lower extremity amputation. Aurora Kinase A (AURKA) is an essential serine/threonine kinase for mitosis, while its role in limb ischemia remains unclear.

    Authors: Tao Bai, Mingxing Li, Yuanfeng Liu, Zhentao Qiao, Xusheng Zhang, Yafeng Wang and Zhiwei Wang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:39
  31. Chronic inflammation, mainly derived from fibroblast-like synoviocytes (FLSs), plays a central role in the pathomechanism of osteoarthritis (OA). Recently, epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) signaling was...

    Authors: Xu Cao, Song Wu, Xinxing Wang, Junjie Huang, Wenxiu Zhang and Chi Liang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:38
  32. Although significant advances have been made in intensive care medicine and antibacterial treatment, sepsis is still a common disease with high mortality. The condition of sepsis patients changes rapidly, and ...

    Authors: Jingyuan Ning, Keran Sun, Xuan Wang, Xiaoqing Fan, Keqi Jia, Jinlei Cui and Cuiqing Ma
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:37
  33. Osteoporosis (OP) is a major and growing public health problem characterized by decreased bone mineral density and destroyed bone microarchitecture. Previous studies found that Lycium Chinense Mill (LC) has a ...

    Authors: Liying Luo, Zhiyuan Guan, Xiao Jin, Zhiqiang Guan and Yanyun Jiang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:36

    The Correction to this article has been published in Molecular Medicine 2023 29:56

  34. This study aimed to delineate the cell heterogeneity in the bone-implant interface and investigate the fibroblast responses to implant-associated S. aureus infection.

    Authors: Jinlong Yu, Boyong Wang, Feiyang Zhang, Zun Ren, Feng Jiang, Musha Hamushan, Mingzhang Li, Geyong Guo and Hao Shen
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:35
  35. The homologous to the E6-AP carboxyl terminus (HECT)-type E3 ubiquitin ligases are the selective executers in the protein ubiquitination, playing a vital role in modulation of the protein function and stabilit...

    Authors: Rui Zhang and Shaoqing Shi
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:34
  36. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a condition that may cause persistent pulmonary damage. The transformation of pericytes into myofibroblasts has been recognized as a key player during IPF progression. Th...

    Authors: Yichun Wang, Diyu Chen, Han Xie, Shuhua Zhou, Mingwang Jia, Xiaobo He, Feifei Guo, Yihuan Lai and Xiao Xiao Tang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:32
  37. Pancreatic beta cell dysfunction and activated macrophage infiltration are early features in type 1 diabetes pathogenesis. A tricarboxylic acid cycle metabolite that can strongly activate NF-E2-related factor ...

    Authors: Sunyue He, Yuchen Zhao, Guoxing Wang, Qiaofang Ke, Nan Wu, Lusi Lu, Jiahua Wu, Shuiya Sun, Weihua Jin, Wenjing Zhang and Jiaqiang Zhou
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:31
  38. Accumulating evidence indicates that intervertebral disc degeneration (IDD) is associated with diabetes mellitus (DM), while the underlying mechanisms still remain elusive. Herein, the current study sought to ...

    Authors: Xiao-Jun Yu, Ying-Guang Wang, Rui Lu, Xin-Zhen Guo, Yun-Kun Qu, Shan-Xi Wang, Hao-Ran Xu, Hao Kang, Hong-Bo You and Yong Xu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:30
  39. Intriguingly, liver regeneration after injury does not induce uncontrolled growth and the underlying mechanisms of such a “hepatostat” are still not clear. Endocan, a proteoglycan, was implicated in liver regener...

    Authors: Sinan Efe Yazici, Mustafa Emre Gedik, Can Berk Leblebici, Kemal Kosemehmetoglu, Gurcan Gunaydin and Ahmet Bulent Dogrul
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:29
  40. Vascular aging is an inevitable process with advancing age, which plays a crucial role in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular and microvascular diseases. Diabetic retinopathy (DR) and age-related macular degene...

    Authors: Bowen Zhao, Lijia Zhu, Meng Ye, Xiaotong Lou, Qianxue Mou, Yuanyuan Hu, Hong Zhang and Yin Zhao
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:28
  41. Survivors of acute COVID-19 often suffer prolonged, diffuse symptoms post-infection, referred to as “Long-COVID”. A lack of Long-COVID biomarkers and pathophysiological mechanisms limits effective diagnosis, t...

    Authors: Maitray A. Patel, Michael J. Knauer, Michael Nicholson, Mark Daley, Logan R. Van Nynatten, Gediminas Cepinskas and Douglas D. Fraser
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:26
  42. Dendritic cell (DC) dysfunction plays a central role in sepsis-induced immunosuppression. Recent research has indicated that collective mitochondrial fragmentation contributes to the dysfunction of immune cell...

    Authors: You Wu, Longwang Chen, Zhimin Qiu, Xijing Zhang, Guangju Zhao and Zhongqiu Lu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:25
  43. Calcific aortic valve disease (CAVD) is the second leading cause of adult heart diseases. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether miR-101-3p plays a role in the human aortic valve interstitial cell...

    Authors: Jianglei Chen, Yi Lin and Zhongjie Sun
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:24
  44. Gestational diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is a common pregnancy-specific disease with high morbidity, which is linked to a high risk of obesity and diabetes in offspring. N6-methyladenosine modification of RNA is em...

    Authors: Jie Fang, Xiafei Wu, Jie He, Hanwen Zhang, Xuyang Chen, Hua Zhang, Boris Novakovic, Hongbo Qi and Xinyang Yu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2023 29:23

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