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  1. The majority of patients with chronic fatigue have a risk of comorbidity with depression. Pinocembrin (PB) is a kind of flavonoid molecule isolated from honey and propolis and has antimicrobial, anti-inflammat...

    Authors: Wei Wang, Lili Zheng, Lijun Xu, Jianglong Tu and Xunhu Gu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:53
  2. Fibrosis is an integral component of the pathogenesis of acute lung injury and is associated with poor outcomes in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Fibrocytes are bone marrow-derived c...

    Authors: Christine M. Lin, Abdullah Alrbiaan, John Odackal, Zhimin Zhang, Yogesh Scindia, Sun-Sang J. Sung, Marie D. Burdick and Borna Mehrad
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:52
  3. The hereditary aspect of obesity is a major focus of modern medical genetics. The genetic background is known to determine a higher-than-average prevalence of obesity in certain regions, like Oceania. There is...

    Authors: Anna E. Pravednikova, Sergey Y. Shevchenko, Victor V. Kerchev, Manana R. Skhirtladze, Svetlana N. Larina, Zaur M. Kachaev, Alexander D. Egorov and Yulii V. Shidlovskii
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:51
  4. Pirfenidone (PFD) is effective for pulmonary fibrosis (PF), but its action mechanism has not been fully explained. This study explored the signaling pathways involved in anti-fibrosis role of PFD, thus laying ...

    Authors: Qun Lv, Jianjun Wang, Changqing Xu, Xuqing Huang, Zhaoyang Ruan and Yifan Dai
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:49
  5. Molecular mechanism of lung squamous cell carcinoma (LUSC) remains poorly understood, hampering effective targeted therapies or precision diagnosis about LUSC. We devised an integrative framework to investigat...

    Authors: Zongang Liu, Meiyan Deng, Lin Wu and Suning Zhang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:48
  6. Fibulins are a family of secreted glycoproteins, which play an important role in regulating multiple cellular functions such as adhesion, growth, motility, and survival. Fibulin7 (Fbln7) is expressed in develo...

    Authors: Papiya Chakraborty, Shiba Prasad Dash and Pranita P. Sarangi
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:47
  7. MicroRNAs control gene expression by post-transcriptional inhibition. Dysregulation of the expressions of miR-199a/214 cluster has been linked to cardiovascular diseases. This study aimed at identifying potent...

    Authors: Yi-Ling Chen, Jiunn-Jye Sheu, Cheuk-Kwan Sun, Tien-Hung Huang, Yuan-Ping Lin and Hon-Kan Yip
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:46
  8. This study is aimed to explore the role of miR-543 in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and verify whether miR-543 targets metastasis associated protein 1 (MTA1) to affect tumorigenesis and angiogenesis in N...

    Authors: Dawei Wang, Li Cai, Xudong Tian and Wenjun Li
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:44
  9. Radiation therapy is the primary method of treatment for glioblastoma (GBM). Therefore, the suppression of radioresistance in GBM cells is of enormous significance. Ribophorin II (RPN2), a protein component of...

    Authors: Changyu Li, Haonan Ran, Shaojun Song, Weisong Liu, Wenhui Zou, Bei Jiang, Hongmei Zhao and Bin Shao
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:43
  10. Establishing reliable predictive and diganostic biomarkers of autism would enhance early identification and facilitate targeted intervention during periods of greatest plasticity in early brain development. Hi...

    Authors: Stefon van Noordt, James A. Desjardins, Scott Huberty, Lina Abou-Abbas, Sara Jane Webb, April R. Levin, Sidney J. Segalowitz, Alan C. Evans and Mayada Elsabbagh
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:40
  11. Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynecologic cancer. Chemoresistance, especially platinum-resistance, is closely related to metastasis of ovarian cancer, however, the molecular basis by which links chemoresis...

    Authors: Qi Zhang, Guifang Yan, Juan Lei, Yu Chen, Ting Wang, Juan Gong, Yong Zhou, Huakan Zhao, Hao Chen, Yu Zhou, Lei Wu, Jiangang Zhang, Xiao Zhang, Jingchun Wang and Yongsheng Li
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:39
  12. Propofol is an intravenous anesthetic agent that commonly induces significant neuroapoptosis. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) have been reported to participate in the regulation of propofol exposure-mediated neurotoxicity....

    Authors: Fang Tang, Lili Zhao, Qi Yu, Tianyin Liu, Hongyan Gong, Zhiyi Liu and Qing Li
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:38
  13. Selective intrauterine fetal growth restriction (sIUGR) in monochorionic diamniotic twins, especially types 2&3 with abnormal umbilical artery Doppler, results in increased risk of fetal/perinatal mortality an...

    Authors: Jing Yang, Yuan Wei, Hongbo Qi, Nanlin Yin, Yang Yang, Zailing Li, Lili Xu, Xueju Wang, Pengbo Yuan, Luyao Li, Ting-Li Han and Yangyu Zhao
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:37
  14. HDAC4 is a key regulator of chondrocyte hypertrophy and skeletal development, but it is not clear whether the increase in vascular invasion at growth plates is related to HDAC4 expression. To determine it, we ...

    Authors: Lilan Gao, Shengchun Li, Xiaochun Wei, Guoqing Du, Dennis Wei and Lei Wei
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:36
  15. Human respiratory syncytial virus (hRSV) is the most important etiological agent causing hospitalizations associated with respiratory diseases in children under 5 years of age as well as the elderly, newborns ...

    Authors: Jorge A. Soto, Nicolás M. S. Gálvez, Gaspar A. Pacheco, Susan M. Bueno and Alexis M. Kalergis
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:35
  16. Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) is a potent proinflammatory cytokine that promotes the production of other immune mediators. MIF is produced by most cell types in the brain including microglia, as...

    Authors: Elham Nasiri, Roman Sankowski, Henriette Dietrich, Aikaterini Oikonomidi, Patricio T. Huerta, Julius Popp, Yousef Al-Abed and Michael Bacher
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:34
  17. Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS) but it is unclear whether vitamin D supplementation improves the clinical course of MS, and there is uncertainty about the dose and...

    Authors: Manuela Mengozzi, Andrew Hesketh, Giselda Bucca, Pietro Ghezzi and Colin P. Smith
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:32
  18. Accumulating evidence has implicated the regulation of microRNAs (miRs) in ischemia stroke. The current study aimed to elucidate the role of microRNA-195 (miR-195) in neuronal apoptosis and brain plasticity in...

    Authors: Lisha Chang, Wan Zhang, Songxin Shi, Yanbo Peng, Dali Wang, Li Zhang and Jiang Zhang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:31
  19. Glioma has the characteristics of high incidence and mortality, and is a common malignant tumor of the central nervous system. Circular RNAs (circRNAs) have been reported to play vital roles in progression of ...

    Authors: Long-Wei Huo, Ya-Fei Wang, Xiao-Bin Bai, Hu-Lin Zheng and Mao-De Wang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:29
  20. The development of paclitaxel-resistance led to the tumor relapse and treatment failure of non-small cell lung cancer. Shikonin has been demonstrated to show anti-cancer activity in many cancer types. The pres...

    Authors: Farong Zang, Yuanquan Rao, Xinhai Zhu, Zhibing Wu and Hao Jiang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:28
  21. Tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 (TFPI2) participates in carcinogenesis of various tumors, and is associated with poor survival of breast cancer patients. However, the effect and underlying mechanism of TFPI2...

    Authors: Danyi Zhao, Jingjing Qiao, Hongmei He, Jincheng Song, Shanshan Zhao and Jing Yu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:27
  22. Osteosarcoma is a malignancy that normally affects children, adolescents, and young adults. Although accumulating evidence has demonstrated the importance of HULC in osteosarcoma, little is reported about its ...

    Authors: Yong Li, Jing-Jing Liu, Jia-Hui Zhou, Rui Chen and Chao-Qun Cen
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:26
  23. B cell receptor Immunoglobulin (BcR IG) repertoire of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) is characterized by the expression of quasi-identical BcR IG. These are observed in approximately 30% of patients, defin...

    Authors: Monica Colombo, Davide Bagnara, Daniele Reverberi, Serena Matis, Martina Cardillo, Rosanna Massara, Luca Mastracci, Jean Louis Ravetti, Luca Agnelli, Antonino Neri, Michela Mazzocco, Margherita Squillario, Andrea Nicola Mazzarello, Giovanna Cutrona, Andreas Agathangelidis, Kostas Stamatopoulos…
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:25
  24. TFAP2D is a transcription factor important for modulating gene expression in embryogenesis. Its expression and prognostic role in prostate cancer has not been evaluated.

    Authors: Christoph Fraune, Luisa Harms, Franziska Büscheck, Doris Höflmayer, Maria Christina Tsourlakis, Till S. Clauditz, Ronald Simon, Katharina Möller, Andreas M. Luebke, Christina Möller-Koop, Stefan Steurer, Claudia Hube-Magg, Guido Sauter, Sören Weidemann, Patrick Lebok, David Dum…
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:24
  25. Breast cancer (BC) is a major health concern and better understanding of its biology might improve treatment decisions and patient outcomes. Histone3 Lysine27 tri-methylation (H3K27me3) is a post-translational...

    Authors: Mário Fontes-Sousa, João Lobo, Silvana Lobo, Sofia Salta, Maria Amorim, Paula Lopes, Luís Antunes, Susana Palma de Sousa, Rui Henrique and Carmen Jerónimo
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:22
  26. The serine protease KLK12 belongs to the human fifteen-member family of kallikrein-related peptidases. Differential expression accompanied by either increased or decreased enzymatic activity has been linked to...

    Authors: Weiwei Gong, Yueyang Liu, Sarah Preis, Xiaocong Geng, Agnes Petit-Courty, Marion Kiechle, Alexander Muckenhuber, Tobias Dreyer, Julia Dorn, Yves Courty and Viktor Magdolen
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:19
  27. Authors: Huan Yang, Peter Lundbäck, Lars Ottosson, Helena Erlandsson-Harris, Emilie Venereau, Marco E. Bianchi, Yousef Al-Abed, Ulf Andersson, Kevin J. Tracey and Daniel J. Antoine
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:18

    The Research Article to this article has been published in Molecular Medicine 2011 18:Art13

  28. Authors: Karin Palmblad, Hanna Schierbeck, Erik Sundberg, Anna-Carin Horne, Helena Erlandsson Harris, Jan-Inge Henter, Daniel J. Antoine and Ulf Andersson
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:17

    The Research Article to this article has been published in Molecular Medicine 2014 20:Art57

  29. The Editors-in-Chief would like to alert readers that this article (Sitapara et al. 2014) is part of an investigation being conducted by the journal following the conclusions of an institutional enquiry at the...

    Authors: Ravikumar A. Sitapara, Daniel J. Antoine, Lokesh Sharma, Vivek S. Patel, Charles R. Ashby Jr, Samir Gorasiya, Huan Yang, Michelle Zur and Lin L. Mantell
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:16

    The Research Article to this article has been published in Molecular Medicine 2014 20:Art25

  30. Sca-1+ cardiac stem cells and their limited proliferative potential were major limiting factors for use in various studies.

    Authors: Han Saem Jeong, Chi-Yeon Park, Jong-Ho Kim, Hyung Joon Joo, Seung-Cheol Choi, Ji-Hyun Choi, I-Rang Lim, Jae Hyoung Park, Soon Jun Hong and Do-Sun Lim
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:15
  31. Aspirin, as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, can improve the survival rate of patients with colorectal cancer, while aspirin is effective in patients with PIK3CA mutant colorectal cancer (CRC). However,...

    Authors: Zhihang Chen, Chun Wang, Hao Dong, Xing Wang, Feng Gao, Sen Zhang and Xiaolong Zhang
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:14
  32. The Editors-in-Chief would like to alert readers that this article [1] is part of an investigation being conducted by the journal following the conclusions of an institutional enquiry at the University of Live...

    Authors: Daniel James Antoine, Dominic P. Williams, Anja Kipar, Hugh Laverty and B. Kevin Park
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:13

    The Research Article to this article has been published in Molecular Medicine 2010 16:Art4

  33. Neural growth factor (NGF) is a neurotrophin that can interact with the p75NTR receptor and initiate a cascade of reactions that determines cell survival or death, and both are associated with the physiology of l...

    Authors: Leonn Mendes Soares Pereira, Ednelza da Silva Graça Amoras, Simone Regina Souza da Silva Conde, Sâmia Demachki, Eduardo José Melo dos Santos, Sandra Souza Lima, Ricardo Ishak and Antonio Carlos Rosário Vallinoto
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:12
  34. Genetic variants play a critical role in the development of breast cancer. This investigation aimed to explore the association between CASC16 polymorphisms and breast cancer susceptibility.

    Authors: Xiaoxiao Zuo, Huanhuan Wang, Yin Mi, Yue Zhang, Xiaofei Wang, Ya Yang and Suna Zhai
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:11
  35. asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) are three serious pulmonary diseases that contain common and unique characteristics. Therefore, the identification ...

    Authors: Mazaher Maghsoudloo, Sadegh Azimzadeh Jamalkandi, Ali Najafi and Ali Masoudi-Nejad
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:9
  36. Anti-mitochondrial-autoantibodies (AMA) remain a hallmark of Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC) however approximately 10% of patients test negative for these antibodies. They do not differ in terms of biochemis...

    Authors: Urszula Wasik, Agnieszka Kempinska-Podhorodecka, Dimitrios P. Bogdanos, Piotr Milkiewicz and Malgorzata Milkiewicz
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:8
  37. Previous studies have found ischemic stroke is associated with atrial fibrillation. However, the causal association between ischemic stroke and atrial fibrillation is not clear. Furthermore, the network relati...

    Authors: Lei Hou, Mingqing Xu, Yuanyuan Yu, Xiaoru Sun, Xinhui Liu, Lu Liu, Yunxia Li, Tonghui Yuan, Wenchao Li, Hongkai Li and Fuzhong Xue
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2020 26:7
  38. The sequelae of sepsis were once thought to be independent of sepsis itself and assumed to be either comorbid to sick patients or complications of critical illness. Recent studies have reported consistent patt...

    Authors: Zachary Mostel, Abraham Perl, Matthew Marck, Syed F. Mehdi, Barbara Lowell, Sagar Bathija, Ramchandani Santosh, Valentin A. Pavlov, Sangeeta S. Chavan and Jesse Roth
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2019 26:6
  39. HMGB1 is a mediator of systemic inflammation in sepsis and trauma, and a promising biomarker in many diseases. There is currently no standard operating procedure for pre-analytical handling of HMGB1 samples, d...

    Authors: William Ottestad, Ingrid N. Rognes, Erlend Skaga, Cassandra Frisvoll, Guttorm Haraldsen, Torsten Eken and Peter Lundbäck
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2019 26:5
  40. The main features of bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) are alveolar simplification, pulmonary growth arrest, and abnormal lung function. Multiple studies have highlighted microRNA-29 (miR-29) as a potential bio...

    Authors: Yu Hu, Liang Xie, Jing Yu, Hongling Fu, Dan Zhou and Hanmin Liu
    Citation: Molecular Medicine 2019 26:3

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