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Fig. 1

From: Autoantibodies to Neuronal Glutamate Receptors in Patients with Paraneoplastic Neurodegenerative Syndrome Enhance Receptor Activation

Fig. 1

Western blot analysis of serum reactivity towards glutamate receptor trpE-fusion proteins containing portions of GluR1,. GluR2, GluR3, GluR5, and GluR6

The Western blot on the left shows staining of total trpE-fusion proteins. The duplicate blot on the right shows immunoreactivity of the paraneoplastic syndrome Patient 1 serum towards an equivalent Western blot and predominant immunoreactivity to GluR5. R1s: GluR1, short construct, 185–449; R1c: GluR1, C-terminal construct, 658–889; R1L: GluR1, long construct, 185–521; R2: GluR2, 175–430; R3: GluR3, 245–451; R5: GluR5, 233–518; and R6S: GluR6, short construct, 180–445. Serum was diluted 1:3000.

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