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Fig. 2

From: Clozapine: Selective Labeling of Sites Resembling 5HT6 Serotonin Receptors May Reflect Psychoactive Profile

Fig. 2

(a) Saturation binding plot of [3H]clozapine to rat brain membranes and (b) displacement curve and Scatchard analysis for unlabeled clozapine competing with [3H]clozapine.

Data in Panel a were plotted using Cricketgraph. Shown are total (——), nonspecific (—□—), and specific (—■—) binding in pmol/mg protein as well as Scatchard analysis of this data. In Panel b, data are presented as fraction of total specific binding defined by 1 µM unlabeled clozapine. The experiment was replicated three times.

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