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Table 2 Regional distribution of [ 3 H]clozapine binding

From: Clozapine: Selective Labeling of Sites Resembling 5HT6 Serotonin Receptors May Reflect Psychoactive Profile

Region Kd (nM) Bmax (pmol/mg)
Cerebral cortex 6.7 0.24
Striatum 7.3 0.17
Hippocampus 4.3 0.11
  1. Rats were killed by decapitation, their brains rapidly removed and dissected on ice. Regions were homogenized separately and pellets were resuspended to approximately the same protein concentration (15 mg/ml). Binding was assessed at varying [3H]clozapine concentrations. Ki and Bmax values were determined by Scatchard analysis. Data are the means of three determinations with results varying less than 15%.