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Fig. 5

From: LPS and Taxol Activate Lyn Kinase Autophosphorylation in Lpsn, but Not in Lpsd, Macrophages

Fig. 5

Activation of lyn kinase autophosphorylation by Taxol in C3H/OuJ (Lpsn) and C3H/HeJ (Lpsd) macrophages

Macrophages were treated as indicated in Materials and Methods with medium only or 100 ng/ml LPS. Results of the kinase assay were quantitated by Phosphorlmager analysis and relative autophosphorylation levels represent the geometric means of four identical experiments for C3H/OuJ macrophages (from Fig. 2) and five identical experiments for C3H/HeJ macrophages. Dashed horizontal line indicates the resting cell kinase expression level found in untreated cells. The standard error of the mean for Taxol-stimulated C3H/HeJ macrophages was ≤4% of the geometric mean for each timepoint.

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