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Fig. 4

From: The MarR Repressor of the Multiple Antibiotic Resistance (mar) Operon in Escherichia coli: Prototypic Member of a Family of Bacterial Regulatory Proteins Involved in Sensing Phenolic Compounds

Fig. 4

Alignment of MarR and related proteins

Protein sequences shown were identified using TFASTA to search currently available GenEMBL and SwissProt databases. The alignment was generated using the PILEUP program in the GCG package (29). Entries are not listed in order of similarity, but rather reflect their bacterial origin as described in the text. Amino acids highlighted in black boxes are residues identical at that position for at least five of the proteins. *, the four residues that are identical in all ten sequences; #, a position in which a chemically conserved amino acid is present in at least 8 of the 10 entries, based on the following groupings of conserved amino acids: YWF, QNED, MILV, PAGST, HKR. Relevant information, GenEMBL accession numbers, and references, respectively, are as follows: EcMarR: MarR from E. coli, accession number M96235 (8); EcMprA: MprA from E. coli, X54141 (20); EcHpcR: HpcR from E. coli C strain, S56952 (34); Ec17kd: 17 kd ORF from prs gene cluster in pyelonephritic E. coli ECOR 55 strain, X62158 (23); ErcPecS: PecS from Erwinia Chrysanthemi, X74409 (35); RcPetP: PetP from Rhodobader capsulatus, Z12113 (36); MsAcaORF: ORF PI in the entry for Mycobacterium smegmatis acetamidase gene, X57175 (37); BsTyrSORF: ORF3 in the tyrS sequence entry from Bacillus subtilis, X52480 (38); BsMotABORF: 3′ end of an ORF downstream from and convergently transcribed towards the motAB genes of B. subtilis, M77238 (39); CfExoORF: An ORF upstream of and divergently transcribed from the Cellulomonas fimi exogluconase gene, L11080 (40). This last open reading frame does not contain a normal initiation codon and may be derived from incorrect sequence information. Additional information on some of the entries is described in the text.

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