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Fig. 8

From: Vascular Gene Transfer of the Human Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase: Characterization of Activity and Effects on Myointimal Hyperplasia

Fig. 8

Effect of iNOS gene transfer on balloon-injury myointima formation

(A) Myointimal thickness of uninjured porcine femoral artery segments (Control), balloon catheter-injured segments (Injured), injured segments infected with MFGlacZ (Injured + MFGlacZ), injured segments infected with DFGiNOS (Injured + DFGiNOS), and injured segments infected with DFGiNOS cultured in 1 mM L-NMA (Injured + DFGiNOS + L-NMA). Each bar represents the mean ± SD (n = 4, experiments repeated three times with comparable results, *p < 0.01 versus all groups by ANOVA. (B) Effect of human iNOS gene transfer on myointimal thickness following balloon injury of porcine femoral arterial segments. Representative sections of rhodamine phalloidin-stained uninjured, injured only, and injured + DFGiNOS arterial segments are shown. Magnification: 10×.

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