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Change in Submission Procedure

Following the example of PNAS, the Editors have decided to change procedures for submitting articles to Molecular Medicine. From now on, articles from authors who are not contributing editors should be sent directly to the Editorial Office. Manuscripts deemed suitable for the journal will be referred to a contributing editor who is an expert in the field and who has agreed to undertake the rapid review of the manuscript, soliciting opinions from at least two outside reviewers. There are two reasons behind this change: 1) it will allow the Editors to keep an accurate record of submission dates, so that these can be published with the article, and 2) it should facilitate submissions from authors who do not personally know a contributing editor. In addition, we believe that the new procedures will ensure consistently rapid publication of articles since the Editors will not be able to keep track of their review.

This change will go into effect immediately. For more details, please refer to the Instructions for Authors at the back of this issue.

MMS Meeting Highlights

The next issue of Molecular Medicine (July 1996) will include highlights of the first annual meeting of the Molecular Medicine Society, held in Washington, DC on May 3, 1996.

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