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Fig. 1

From: The Non-Ligand Binding β-Isoform of the Human Glucocorticoid Receptor (hGRβ): Tissue Levels, Mechanism of Action, and Potential Physiologic Role

Fig. 1

Schematic structure of the gene, cDNA, and protein of the hGR isoforms α and β.

(A) Genomic structure (top) and cDNAs (bottom) of hGRα hGRβ isoforms, produced by alternative splicing. (B) Linearized structures of hGRα and hGRβ isoforms (top), identical up to residue 727. The amino acid sequences (shown between arrows) corresponding to residues 760–777 or 728–742 of hGRα and hGRβ, respectively, were used as antigenic epitopes for generation of specific antisera in rabbits. The various functional subdomains of hGRα are shown beneath the protein structures (bottom).

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