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Table 1 Sizes of differentially displayed fragments in PCI-06A-Raf (AS) versus PCI-06A-Raf (K) transfectants

From: Constitutive Modulation of Raf-1 Protein Kinase is Associated with Differential Gene Expression of Several Known and Unknown Genes

Differentially Displayed Fragment Primer Combination Used Approximate Size of Amplified Product (bp) c
Arbitrary Primer a Anchor Primer b
KAS-101 AP4 HT-11C 950
KAS-102 AP5 HT-11C 350
KAS-103 AP2 HT-11C 200
KAS-104 AP6 HT-11C 300
KAS-110 AP2 HT-11G 200
KAS-111 AP6 HT-11G 200
  1. aAP2 = 5′-GATTGCC-3′; AP4 = 5′-CTCAACG-3′; AP5 = 5′-AGTAGGC-3′; AP6 = 5′GCACCAT-3′.
  2. bH = 5′-AAGCTT-3′.
  3. cSize of the amplified PCR products was determined by 1.5% agarose gel electrophoresis.