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Fig. 5

From: Detection and Differentiation of the Six Brucella Species by Polymerase Chain Reaction

Fig. 5

Detection and differentiation of Brucella in blood samples

PCR reactions were carried out using 1 µg of DNA from a brucelosis patient (Patient lanes), two uninfected individuals [DNA (−) lanes], and B. melitensis DNA as positive control (lane 5). A negative control (−) (lane 6) having no DNA was also included. As the patient’s sample gave the undistinguishable PCR pattern (900, 600, and 200 bp), the PCR product was digested with KpnI. The last two lanes correspond to the results of digestion of the amplified patient specimen and B. melitensis, respectively, using the enzyme KpnI. Lane M, molecular size standard pBR322/AluI.

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